New semester buzz

Does anyone else get excited about a new semester? I find myself anticipating the arrival of a new semester, especially after such a long period of time where I didn’t know what to do with myself.

A new semester always arrives with the promise of new beginnings, of new friendships and relationships, of learning something new and experiencing things I didn’t experience the semester before.

For a while everyone is excited. People smile a little brighter and talk a little more. Everyone tries new things and pushes their boundaries a little further than before. This period doesn’t last long, but it is a time I love.

It is a time brimming with promises and opportunities that can all become reality if we take the initiative to seize them.

The excited buzz around the campus shall slowly fall to hum as people close themselves off in their own world once again, becoming comfortable with their friends, new and old, and no longer take the initiative to reach out until the next year.

When I sense this happening it saddens me but because this happens for a short period of time is why I grow so excited. All good things must come to an end. However, we aren’t there yet.

So let’s embrace this time and enjoy it to its fullest. Let’s enjoy the buzz before it quietens to a hum.

Ashlee Bodger

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