Changes to La Trobe

La Trobe is undergoing a transformation which is going to affect its students in various ways. This means if you are currently enrolled you will still be able to complete your subjects and course that you are enrolled in – this applies to all students, irrespective of your campus.

You will also be able to use the same subject information in the online handbook for future semesters. Please note next year’s subjects will be available in the handbook from October.

la trobe

Some of your courses will be affected by this transformation because a small number of course are being withdrawn. If this is your course you’ll be contacted by your Faculty in late August – early September to advise of the change and reconfirm that you will be able to study your course to completion and to discuss your individual study plan if need be.

For full details on the changes head to the FAQ section of the Future Ready page. If you are concerned about the continuation of particular majors or any of your subjects (undergraduate, postgraduate and Higher Degree by Research), it’s a good idea to speak with your faculty to discuss your concerns and options.

Furthermore La Trobe is planning to improve the way services are provided to students by using a new student services model that will give us a wider choice of channels to access, including greater face-to-face, phone, email and online chat services.

The university promises to provide a new, comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database that can be accessed online 24/7. Ensuring all your questions are answered, so that you are not being bounced from one point to another.

Another change that La Trobe is undergoing is its regional campus engagement. The main change is this area is that the university will be looking at how they operate in the regions. This means being more creative and tailoring subjects & courses for local delivery with online forms, and blending learning models to offer quality, flexible and immersive online experiences, in conjunction with imperative face-to-face teaching and student support.

Lastly, as students there is the opportunity to work with other local education institutions in the regions, to share facilities and plan courses – particularly with the local TAFEs we are co-located with.

To understand more about La Trobe’s transformation head to the university’s Future Ready page.

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