You are who you want to be

University is all about the unexpected, embracing the new, defining your identity and establishing your purpose in life.

Just by looking around the library you see the different people, and just how unique everyone truly is and it’s entirely acceptable.

Straight in front of me are a group of guys who seem absolutely careless and carefree sporting around a –what seems to be- constructed Daffy Duck balloon toy. I see girls who seem to be studying, however, stop constantly to socialise with one another and check their phones constantly.

Then, there’s a girl dressed in a banana costume, marching to the beat of her own drum and that’s completely acceptable.

That’s the beautiful thing about university! You can be whoever you want to be.

This isn’t the time to know who you are and who you want; it’s the time to try things, things that seem completely bizarre and unreasonable because you can.

Try new things, experience new people and situations and in this process grow from not knowing who you are into forming your identity. An identity you are happy with, that isn’t formed from what others have always dictated you to be.

Be yourself. Be unique.

So today do something different, learn Spanish, take a boxing class, write a short story or eat escargot.   

– Adriana

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