Finances are stresses

Finances, we all hate them but we also know how important they are. How many of you out there don’t want to look at your account statement because you’re just too scared to know? I’m willing to wager about 99 per cent of you are nodding right now.

I’m nodding as well. Money matters stress me out, more than it should. My bottom draw is filled with receipts that I don’t even want to think about. Stored there for another day. Getting that account statement in the mail makes me want to cry.

But what is it about money that stresses uni students out so much?

Obviously majority of the time it is because university is so crazily expensive. Looking at my student account and how much I owe the government is not the best experience I’ve ever had. But those funds are necessary for where we want to go in life. It’s all the other spending that’s the biggest problem.

Clothes here, eat out there. Things that we somehow convince ourselves we definitely need – but the last time I checked, I’ve already got a whole wardrobe of clothes and most of which I don’t even wear!

My names Morgan and I’m a shopaholic.

I know now that taking advice from a self-proclaimed shopaholic is pretty ironic, however I guess I do have the experience. So listen up, and hopefully I say something that resonates with you or could help.

Here are my trusty tips (that I am even starting to use)

  1. Make a finance spreadsheet

I know – borrrring! But it actually works. I’ve got my expenses all on one easily accessible Exel spreadsheet. So I can see how much I’m spending and discover what is not necessary to buy.

  1. Prioritise

Decide on a monthy or weekly basis how much you want to spend in general, then categorise them into a social budget, food, bills etc. That way, you know how much you’re allowed to spend and being strict with yourself is actually a good thing. You’ll feel guilty if you do overspend!

  1. Leave the card at home

When you go to the shopping centre, try to have a clear idea of exactly what you want, price it and get out that physical money so you know how much your are actually spending. So you can forget about carrying that plastic card around, leave your card at home. Less temptation!

    4. Budgeting app

But if all fails, there’s probably an app for budgeting you can rely on.




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