Hey guys!

I’d love to introduce myself; my name is Harriet Girle, I’m currently a first year student at La Trobe’s Bundoora campus studying a double degree of Bachelor of Law/Media and Communication.

This year I’m super excited to kick-start my involvement with the La Trobe First Year blog, working alongside a team of creative individuals who all have their own perspective on being a first year at La Trobe. Together we aim to give you, fellow first-years, some advice through our experiences and hope explore our university together!

‘COFFEE ON CAMPUS’  This concept, born out my own genuine frustration and inability to find a good cup of coffee on campus, for what I would like to say was far too long. Basically, I aim to review and collate across the next semester a guide (survival guide, if you will) providing you guys the down low on some of the cups of coffee you can get across campus.

Writer’s Block Café

Borchardt Library, Lv. 1, Bundoora Campus. This little gem is tucked away on the lower level of the university library, situated across from the ‘La Trobe Help Desk’ and to the right of the main entrance to the library. The location is very convenient, especially if you’ve been studying in the library or even just passing through campus.

With snacks such as sandwiches, cakes, slices, and even stocked with a variety of macaroons; there is no excuse for a first-year to go hungry with this selection on offer.

I don’t branch far from a ‘strong soy latte with one’ (not a pretentious coffee selection – just lactose intolerant) and these guys satisfied with flying colours. Firstly the coffee was smooth, deep in flavour and whilst providing a strong caffeinated hit. I arrived in a peak period, just after 10am on a Monday morning. Completely mindful of the ‘coffee rush hour’ I’d entered into, my expectations of a timely service were reasonable. But I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t an issue at all for any of the friendly staff, (receiving my order within 3 minutes) a true testament to ‘Writer’s Block Café’ considering their popularity.

Not only was the coffee exceptional, the venue itself I would recommend it as a quiet place to enjoy a coffee, study, or just catch up with a friend – suiting any students needs. Aesthetically it’s well fitted out, and the artwork across the walls is a lovely touch.

‘Writer’s Block Café’ satisfied my caffeinated hunger whilst curing that lousy morning brain haze, providing me with a great coffee with a quick service – which honestly, fits the bill perfectly on a Monday morning.

Coffee rating: very good.

Setting: study or catch-up.

Vibe: chilled, yet humble.

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