Websites You Need To Know When You’re At University

As University students, there is never a time that we don’t want some form of help or guidance, but we can’t always get face-to-face time with someone. That’s why I have looked around and found my top 4 websites that every University student needs to have saved in their favourites.

  • 1- This one probably comes as no surprise to you. However, many students don’t utilize this website to their full potential. EVERYTHING you need to know how studying at La Trobe is on this website. From correct referencing guides, to important dates and social events, this website literally has it all. If you are not familiar with this site, go check it out now
  • 2- This website can also become a virtual lifesaver. This is a social media website, which allows students and teachers to communicate. You can create study groups, join pages to do with your subjects and also join other groups and meet other students based on your interests. It’s a perfect way to meet people from other universities who are studying the same courses as you, and you can post anything you want, whether it be asking for help, giving information to other students or random pictures you thought were funny. I use this site and I definitely recommend it.
  • 3- This next one is definitely a good one to have saved in your favourites tab. A lot of us are familiar with Online Shopping, and this website allows us to organize our textbooks from the comfort of our own lounge rooms. Not only does it have every single textbook we could ever need available at the click of a button, it also has a gifts tab that have some great items to help take away the stress of University.
  • 4- I chose to include this website because all of us, no matter what we are studying to be, will need to create some sort of assessment that requires photos. This website is full of photos that we are allowed to use. This means that their owners have given us the rights to use them, which makes the entire referencing process oh so much easier.

So there we go, my top 4 websites that I think every university students should have saved in their favourites.

Stay Cool,

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