Looking for a way to de-stress this Uni break?

Fellow bloggers,
Holidays are almost upon us, and that means a time for some much needed R&R. After all the stress of exams, getting assignments in and lacking some serious sleep, we all need to treat ourselves to a little bit of fun and R&R these holidays.

I have combined a great list of ways to de-stress from home or your room on res! All of these are super easy and cost free!

  • Read a book. For all those book lovers out there, there is no better feeling then sitting down a reading a book you ACTUALLY want to read. Take some time out from those strenuous text books and treat yourself to a good old novel.
  • Have some quiet time to yourself. After running around like busy bees for 4 months, its time to treat yourself to a little ‘me’ time. Nothing helps a person de-stress more than being alone in a quiet area doing whatever it is you want.
  • Treat yourself. After all that hard work you put in to your assignments, you deserve to spend a little bit extra on yourself. There is no better motivation to continue doing well than splurging on yourself as a reward. Also, shopping has been proven to help de-stress! It’s a win-win really.
  • Hang out with old friends. For those who live on Res, the holidays are a great time to head back home and catch up with everyone. Hanging with old friends is a great way to de-stress whilst catching up on all the lastest news.

Whilst some of this may not apply to you – as you may be doing one of La Trobe’s many winter courses – I hope you all have a great break. I’m sure you all need it and deserve it. Congratulations on making it through your first semester First Years, and may you continue to succeed!

Bianca !!

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