LTU Focus on Golf

Golf at LTU

LTU Focus on Sports

Hi all, and welcome to the very first LTU Focus on Sports post!

Every Wednesday, a different La Trobe Uni sports team will be focused on as we lead into the Australian University Games. By the time the Games roll around, you’ll already be familiar with some of the people who are representing La Trobe!

We’ll be continuing these posts after the Australian Uni Games to hopefully encourage more La Trobe students to get involved and join Team LTU!

This week we’re beginning with Golf! We’ve interviewed 20 year old Bachelor of Business student Blair, who’s playing for the La Trobe Golf team while completing his studies in Sports Development and Management.

Blair - Golf 2

Blair at the 2015 Southern Uni Games

When did you first start playing golf?

I probably first started playing golf when I was 8 – 9. I was introduced to it through my dad who played a fair bit. I stopped playing for a few years during High School when junior golf and footy clashed and I made the choice to play footy with my mates. When I finished Year 12 and had plenty of spare time on our hands, my mates and I started playing again and really got into it.

Why did you decide to join the La Trobe team?

I decided to join the La Trobe Golf team as I saw it as a great opportunity to meet new people, play new and different courses and have a great time. I’d heard from friends and classmates about what a great time Uni Games is, so I thought I’d see for myself.

What was your favourite part of the Southern Uni Games and what are you most looking forward to about the Australian Uni Games?

Probably for both, it would be meeting new people and playing new golf courses. Oh and of course, the destination [of the Australian Uni Games], can’t wait for Gold Coast.

What is the best part about playing golf with La Trobe?

It’s probably a great part of playing golf in general but, due to handicapping, you don’t have to be an amazing golfer to compete with the good golfers. And of course, you get to wear the team colours and represent the best university in the country!

What would you say to other first year students who are thinking of joining a sports team at La Trobe? 

Just do it! Seriously, don’t be daunted by the fact you’re only a first year, everyone involved in sport at La Trobe are great people and will take you in as one of them straight away.

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