LTU Focus on Touch Footy

LTU Focus on Sports

This week we spoke to Bronte, a 20 year old animal and veterinary bioscience student. Bronte plays on the touch footy team at La Trobe, as well as the mixed basketball social league on Monday nights.

Touch Footy at LTU

When did you first start playing touch football?

I started this year after they were looking for people to play in their Southern University game haha.

Why did you decide to join the La Trobe team?

My friends had informed me that S.U.G’s (Southern Uni Games) was a really great experience. So I looked for a sport that needed people.
I also did it to make more friends because I kinda really knew no one at la tribe.

What are you most looking forward to about the Australian Uni Games?

The social experience and the people that I went with made it a really great experience. I actually really enjoy the sport touch too which I never expected myself to play.
I’m actually really looking forward to playing a bit more seriously. And I feel like I am getting more experience in a different sport.

What is the best part about playing touch football with La Trobe?

Making friends and having a fun time playing and socialising!

What would you say to other first year students who are thinking of joining a sports team at La Trobe?

Just do it! ✔️
Joining a team got me a whole group of friends and keeps me involved in the uni. Joining a sports team was probably the best decision I made all year!

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