My calling

Melanie’s family moved from Lebanon in 1993 to Australia, as Melanie’s mother wanted to live closer to her relatives that moved to Australia early that year. They resided in Sydney where Melanie was born in late December, then they moved to Melbourne a few years later, where they now live. Melanie expresses the tale of where her love for becoming a mid wife begins.

It was ever since I was 4 years old, when we just moved to Melbourne. There was a newly wed family next door expecting a baby and I was so fascinated with the pregnancy of the baby boy. Once he was born I would always go over there and play with him. I was obsessed with him; I think that’s where my love for children started.

A few years on in year 9, I was with Bryanna Skelton at the La Trobe University tour. I said to Bryanna, “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE!”. It’s the same for everyone at that age; it is a hard predicament to be in. Bryanna pointed out to me on the tour the top of a door a sign that said “Midwife”, and something clicked inside me. 

On that tour till this day one thing will always be stuck in my mind: going up to the laboratories in La Trobe. In the laboratories there were machines in beds. The professor was explaining the scenarios that he teaches his midwife and nursing students. That made me realise what I wanted to be. To this day, La Trobe is what helped me realise my dream in wanting to become a midwife. It excited me and thank you La Trobe for that!

By Brianne Keogh


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