New Beginnings: My First Week at La Trobe

The start of something new is always pretty daunting, even stressful sometimes. But it’s also filled with excitement and eagerness. It’s a new beginning, the next chapter of your life happening before your eyes! The sensation of butterflies at the pit of your stomach fluttering when you get off that tram or park your car and make your way. Sounding familiar? Like it just happened yesterday? Or maybe two weeks ago when your course began?

Just like the rest of you, this is how I felt on the first day of university.

Walking on to the campus felt as though I was stepping into another world! Uncharted territory waiting to be discovered! While walking around the vast and spacious campus, there were new things always happening around every corner.  People probably thought to themselves during the first week; Who knew there was a moat? And ducks! Wow, the Agora is awesome! Ooh, coffee! Or in my case, Where on Earth am I? I thought my class was this way!

Post 1 photo 1

It seems that getting lost to classes is somewhat a rite-of-passage. At first I thought I was the only one asking every stranger ‘Where is HU2?’ or specifically, ‘Where is HU2 121’? During most times, I was like a headless chicken wandering around the campus trying to find my classes! You might have seen me around, running twenty minutes late to a tutorial completely lost! If there are fellow wanderers and ‘headless chickens’ still worried about getting to class on time (and skeptical where to find buildings), I highly recommend the Bundoora campus map. It has saved me so many times I have lovingly dubbed it my ‘treasure map’ because when I finally find the desired classroom I am looking for, it feels as if I have dug up a treasure chest filled with gold and jewels!


To download and print off the La Trobe Bundoora map, please click the link below:



Despite this, university so far already has been a great and rewarding experience. It’s fantastic to be around fellow peers who share the same passions as me while making new friends. Fellow first-year student Kayla who is studying a Law/Psychology degree agrees. While feeling “slightly overwhelmed at times” during her first week, Kayla found her new Uni life “an exciting and fun experience”. Over time, the conventions of La Trobe life such as lectures, tutorials and the scary ‘A’ word ‘assignments’ will become second nature!

Post 1 photo 2

During the first year if the butterflies return to churn in your stomach and anxiety kicks in: imagine your journey at La Trobe like a staircase. At the moment, we have climbed to the first step. Although the top of the staircase from here may seem too distant and impossible to reach, over time you will achieve your potential and climb higher, one step at a time.


At the end of your course you will reach the top of the staircase.

When you do, the view will be magnificent and worthwhile!


By Hayley Anderson 


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