What Would You Say to Your First-Year Self?

The first year of university can be an intimidating and sometimes overwhelming experience for new students. Some find the transition into study simple, while others struggle to adjust to their new environment. Either way, it is undeniable that some adjustments must be made. Students need to learn to adapt themselves along with their lifestyle to ensure they make the absolute most of their time at uni.

How best to juggle the flexibility and freedom of student life with the high demands of study? Who better to ask then the experienced! Here, a couple of ex-first years offer up some advice they would give to their first year selves…

Jessica Montefalcon, Bachelor of Business, Tourism and Hospitality.

“Study early and get ahead because once you skip a lecture, you’re going to be behind.”

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Paige Zotti, 3rd Year Student, Bachelor of Business, Events and Marketing.

“I would say that when you have your classes, the first number is what level you’re on! ‘232’ means you’re on level two, it can be super confusing! I would also say to get to know your tutors because when you need their help in week eight or nine it’s good to already have that relationship with them.”

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Wayne Tam, 3rd Year Bachelor of Media and Communications.

“See what books you can download before you spend hundreds of dollars on them. Also, be prepared for exams! I wasn’t prepared for my anatomy exams in first year at all and that was very difficult.”

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James Broadway, 2nd Year Student Bachelor of Health Sciences.

“Just be more prepared when coming into uni with timetabling and time management.”

Nathan Haynes, 2nd Year Student, Bachelor of Health Sciences.

“I would probably say it’s really nothing like school and that was a big change. You kind of just have to do everything yourself but you get lots of freedom too, which is great. You just have to do a lot more work, really.”

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Adriana Ferro, 3rd Year Student, Bachelor Strategic Communications

“I would say to myself that you should take as much opportunity as you can. Do everything you can possibly do because everything is going to help you stand out while going for jobs. I would also tell myself to stress less because I did way too much of that in first year and everything works out fine. You just need to time manage it.”

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Josh Puno, 3rd Year Bachelor of Business and Marketing.

“Don’t slack off and get your stuff together! Try and go to every class, try go to every lecture. Don’t slack off, like I have now!”

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After speaking with a few second and third year students, two things resonate clearly- manage your time productively and put in as much effort to your studies as you can!


Remember that it is important to create a routine that is catered to you and that there is always support available if you’re struggling. You can access details and contact information for support via the Students page on the La Trobe website, plus a bunch of tips and tricks on studying. http://www.latrobe.edu.au/students


Good luck!


By Scarlett Maloney 


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