My Journey – Vipul Vashisht

“In 2012 I completed my Bachelor of Computer Science in my hometown, Chandigarh. I then got placement with Wipro Technologies in Bangalore; Wipro ranks number three in India and has offices all over the world.

I have been living away from my family for the past 3 years in Bangalore, India. That is about 3,000 kilometres from my hometown. I moved out at the age of 22. I moved to Bangalore in October and did it all by myself. I had three friends in Bangalore so it wasn’t too bad.

I work in Bangalore as a Project Engineer; I develop applications for them and for the clients. After three years of service in the company they thought I needed more experience and opportunities. I thought I needed more opportunities for myself to better my skills in technology. So, I chose to study a Masters at La Trobe. I have taken long service leave from Wipro, meaning I’m still an employee there however I’ll be away in Australia for 2 years studying.

I chose La Trobe because it has a good structure for the course I’m doing in the IT field and it has the courses that suit my requirements (like business analytics) for the coming future.

After I complete my degree I hope to work at Wipro in Australia for work experience, as I believe it will help my career.

The thing is, I have learnt a lot from my previous experiences of living alone and I hope I can settle here in Australia as well.”

An interview by Brianne Keogh


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