Meg Takes Melbourne #01: ‘Just a small town girl, living in a slightly intimidating, yet exciting world…’

The night before I moved onto campus at La Trobe was one of the most stressful nights of my life. I remember tossing and turning, trying so hard to get to sleep, the reality finally setting in, that my routine of living on a small farm out in the middle of nowhere was going to be turned on its head completely.

I had only been into the city a few times a year to attend the odd concert or shopping trip, but thinking that the marvellous Melbourne would be right on my back doorstep 24/7 was both extremely exhilarating and deathly terrifying at the same.

(I know what you’re thinking. “Meg, what are you talking about? La Trobe is barely in the city!” I understand your concern, but my country logic revolves around the fact that if there is a tram near, we’re in the city.)

My transition into university was not going to be just an academic one, but a life one. I was about to become a resident of Menzies College, one of the residential colleges at La Trobe. I was lucky enough to have friends from high school moving onto campus as well, but even that couldn’t stop me from having an internal meltdown.

Some thoughts that passed my mind include but are not limited to –

How will I actually look after myself entirely?

Will people like me?

Will I be known as that weird girl on the floor who brought all her favourite novels with her and gets judged the rest of the year?

Fast forward a month later, and I can finally that I’m becoming a Melbourne local. Although the PTV app is my bible and I still feel nauseous by the amount of cars that surround me every time cross the road to get to Kingsbury McDonalds (#unilyf), I’m slowly, but surely getting there.

Living on college has given me the chance to make so many memories, even this early into the year, and ease me into the metro life. I have made so many close friends, shared hilarious, amazing experiences that I may or may not remember, and overall I finally feel like I’m home again.

post 1

One of the many reasons I chose La Trobe as my university was because it does really remind me home, even if it’s in the city. Not just because of the beautiful, natural surroundings I get to see every day on campus; but of the welcoming, friendly atmosphere that has made this transition so much easier.

A new favourite view of mine is the glimpse of the city in the distance from the tram stop out the front of La Trobe. Poking out behind the silhouette of gum trees is a dazzling spectacle in the night. I might guilty be romanticising this idea, but I really think that it sums up what I’m feeling right now – remnants of my home in the natural bushland remain, but there it is; coming out behind the trees, the looming lights of the city ready for me to experience a new chapter in my life, something that I absolutely cannot wait to share.

By Meg Kennedy


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