Spotlight on Sport: #1

Hello all, welcome to the first ‘Spotlight on Sport’ blog post of the year.

The beginning of the university year means the buzz of the AFL season is well and truly upon us with the opening round of the season commencing this weekend. Not only that, but this time of the year means a flooding of sporting opportunities for all students at La Trobe.

Without wasting any time, the sporting year kicked off over the last week with intercollege cricket scheduled to start on Friday.

However, as La Trobe residents awoke presumably feeling slightly worse for wear after yet another late Thursday night out at the college UV parties, they would have noticed that rain had set in and ruined what would have been an exciting day of sport for La Trobe.

The points were shared evenly by Menzies, Glenn and Chisholm colleges, making the next round of sports crucial for the colleges to get the sporting season underway with a win a step towards winning the Sporty Cup (carn Menzies).

Although the rain put an end to the cricket, the mood was not totally dampened, as the annual Bundoora Versus Bendigo La Trobe footy matches took place on Sunday, and there was no chance weather would get in the way of Bundoora taking out the country kids from Bendigo.

It proved to be a highly successful day for Bundoora, with the girls setting the tone for the day, registering a win over the Bendigo girls, followed by a good win to the blokes to complete the sweep and give the entire campus a good reason to celebrate long into the night.

As mentioned earlier, the footy and netball season has snuck up on everyone and some leagues around Victoria are kicking off this weekend with others beginning very soon, so I would like to wish everyone good luck in their first games of the season.

By Tennyson Tinning

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