Bendigo to Bundoora

This is a fantastic tail of a young boy and his bag of chips. Just a small town boy, living in a lonely world, he takes the morning train going anywhere… well not anywhere (sorry, I was getting carried away); but he does take it to the La Trobe Bundoora Campus every Monday morning.

Callum studies Public Relations at the Bundoora Campus, however, he resides in Bendigo. He spends up to $40 dollars a day for travel.

“I wake up at a mates house, he starts work at 6:30am so he drives me to the Bendigo station. I catch the 6:08am train, which stops at all stations unfortunately. That arrives at Southern Cross station at 8ish, and then I wait for 20 minutes to catch either the Hurstbridge or Greensborough train. That takes half an hour to reach Macleod station. Then I catch the 5601 bus to the Bundoora campus and then I walk to my first class in the George Singer building.”

So you might all be wondering why doesn’t he just go to the Bendigo Campus? Well for this reason; “the Bendigo Campus doesn’t offer my course, like I stated in my complaints letter that I wrote to them. I talked to my grandfather about this and he says it doesn’t offer my course because Bendigo concentrates more on the nursing/dental side of university courses. When I look at the Agora in Bendigo it’s just full of nurses. They might also not want to pay for lecturers for other courses I guess.”

However, Callum does do his electives up in Bendigo. In the future he hopes that Bendigo may cater to his course more.

By Brianne Keogh




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