Music in Bendigo

For many years the Bendigo Easter Festival has been home to a large range of music, catering to almost every individul that attends the event. Stages are created throughout Rosiland park and Bull Street to create space between musicians, with each hour presenting new music genres and artists. This festival has become a great way for both local and national muscians to showcase their talent and interact with new fans.

This years event kicked off on Thursday with the Freeza Festival in Rosiland Park which was headlined by Tired Lion and supported by Vanns. Good Friday saw the beginning of the silent disco tours, a new and fun way to explore the city of Bendigo; these tours went throughout the weekend and were entertaining for those within the disco and those without. The various stages across the city saw acts like Tyler Hudson, Billy Bridge, the Bendigo District Concert Band and many more. Easter Saturday and Sunday saw many more artist’s featured including Ras Jahknow and Hailey Calvert.


Ras Jahknow excited crowds with his energetic perfomances, singing his own original Reggae songs throughout the day. With sets at 11:15am, 1:15pm and 3pm on Easter Saturday, Ras changed up his set lists and threw in some Bob Marley covers; keeping his audience enagaged throughout the day.

With a set that was full of vibrant energy, it was impossible for there not to be dancers of all ages who loved it when Ras came off stage for some high fives with the youngest members of his auidence. Ras informed his audience that his music is about peace, respect and unity; reminding everyone in attendace of the importance of life and how we can improve it.

Hailey Calvert provided a set that kept audiences across Bendigo engaged with her stunning voice and soulful music. Hailey’s lyrics were full of emotion and audience members found it easy to connect with them. Short and to the point background information before each releavnt song created more depth to the lyrical content of those songs and allowed people to really identify with what she was singing about.


Bendigo found Hailey on a range of different stages including the Blues Tram, Club Rouge and the Golden Vine.

Hailey who was joined by Jason Cameron on guitar and harmonies performed on the main stage in Rosiland Park at 11am on Easter Sunday. Although many were finding seating spaces for the Gala Parade along Pall Mall, many individuals and families within the park made their way over to catch some of Haileys’ set.

Hailey has upcoming gigs in Queensland, playing at Brisbanes’ The Milk Factory on the 31st March at 8pm and on the Milano stage at City Sounds beginning at 4:30pm on the 22nd April.

You can hear Hailey’s music and check out her albums on her website or on iTunes.

You can find out more about Ras Jahknow and hear his music on his website or on iTunes.

By Rhiannon Lloyd

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