I believe a person’s purpose is their key. Once you know what someone’s purpose is, it makes their actions clearer to themselves and to you. I find the people who have the most effective purpose, only disclose it to me when they need me to be involved. I don’t enjoy people who interact with me using misdirection. This feeling seems shared by the general public as seen through the rotation of indirect politicians. Their purpose is no longer grounded in a virtue or a belief; it’s been morphed into an existential loop. Now its purpose is to portray a purpose, a phenomenon that ruins us.

How does someone’s purpose slip away? A person’s purpose for something and its application is often shaped by how they entered their profession, degree, role. People validate their behaviour by the same behaviour they experienced from those around them. For instance, they reason the truth they give by the honesty they’ve received. Its not a good habit to pursue a purpose for the sake of others instead it must be of necessity to you. You must produce your own brand of purpose. Never let your original purpose become superseded because of complacency. It’s the plight of adulthood that slowly crosses off enough childhood convictions and beliefs that your purpose has become something you would have been repulsed by. With or without your own volition, you’ve realigned your senses, recalibrated your reasons. Your purpose hasn’t grown, you’ve been tailoring it to survive and prosper in a systemically broken professional/mental/societal climate. Don’t throw it away.

To combat this: do not enter a profession unaligned to your purpose, and, if you do, make your purpose as simple for yourself as you can. There will be times that your job will not be inline with your passion, however, you do need this job to move forward; to obtain your purpose. The hard part is doing it without compromising or becoming completely lost. Successful people commonly have a purpose that is either shared or pairs up nicely with their job. It is rare that they immediately land a job that fits them and their aspirations perfectly. They have had to work through various situations all requiring different things so they could create a position truly for themselves. I find that it strengthens your resolve as a person when you are taken away from your passion and forced to maintain it under your own duress. The experiences afforded to us through life are a strengthening process; you shouldn’t turn away.

You can follow this path, but also, if your purpose isn’t a part of the field you work in or the society you live in; make it so. It’s unlikely it doesn’t belong, it’s just missing. For example, honesty and transparency are components set in place for the purpose of communicating. They strengthen the message and simplify its delivery. Yet they are neglected from some of the most important elements of communication. Communicating honestly is often unpopular but when it is attained, it reeks dividends. Just because the ideals that you wish to attain aren’t prevalent in your job does not mean that they may not be a key element to the position. Your purpose is the focal point of everything you do, make sure you know what it is.

By Oscar Dobbs

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