Easter Holidays

Easter holidays. These two words were on everyone’s mind during Week 4. The anticipation of having a week off couldn’t come sooner! My head was replaying Madonna’s famous words, “Holiday! Celebrate!” all week!

The first 4 weeks have been a whirlwind for us first years. The combination of settling into uni life, finding our classes, meeting new friends and grasping the concept of Turnitin has been mind-boggling! Most of us have even nervously submitted our first assignments by now! Who knew so much would happen in 4 short weeks?

While we have all loved our new environment and have finally grown accustomed to our own routines and classes, holidays are always greatly appreciated! A short break is a nice opportunity to relax after the fast-paced transition into uni life. Our editor Adriana explained it perfectly; “Studying is important but we all need a little play time too!”

I’m sure a huge topic among us as we were counting down the days was what we would be getting up to on our break. Many of my fellow peers and I excitingly discussed our couch-potato Netflix binge-watching schedules. I am already guilty of Netflix-ing the days away. So far, it has included three seasons of Arrested Development in a couple of days. No regrets! Others were daydreaming and planning of waking up at noon and staying up all night (or maybe some of us were doing that already!). Of course, the break consists of finishing homework and turning in more assignments.


Some of us were excited to getaway and travel for the holidays, me included. I travelled to Rye for the Easter weekend with my whole family – my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousin in tow. The weather was a bit chilly but it didn’t bother me. I loved walking on the pier at the beach. Most of all, the precious family-bonding time. Consequently, it turns out I am the worst Uno player of all time! The days went by in a blink of an eye and I wanted to stay forever!


A holiday highlight obviously was Easter – otherwise known as the choc-o-thon! It’s probably the only socially acceptable day of the year where we can stuff our mouths full of chocolate as our hearts and stomachs desire! I can never admit how much I have eaten and surely I am not the only one! But still, the chocolate has to be eaten somehow!

Besides the addictive chocolate, everyone celebrated Easter Sunday in his or her own unique way. Many of us may have gone to Church while others scavenged for hidden eggs in the backyard. Some watched the Harry Potter movie pop-up channel on Foxtel (the perfect way to spend Easter or any holiday) or had a traditional family get-together. No matter what everyone got up to, it will be interesting to hear everyone’s stories when classes begin again soon.

Hopefully the holiday break recharges our batteries and boosts us for the rest of the semester ahead!


I hope everyone had a great break and a choc-tastic Easter!

By Hayley Anderson 


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