New Adventures

For me the transition into university was like a whole new world; a new place I never knew.

Damon explains that the transition from high school to La Trobe University was actually a breeze. This is his take on the transition:

“It’s actually been pretty easy, I guess. I haven’t had to do as much work as what I did in year 12. It’s a whole different learning environment in contrast to teachers giving you work to do. It’s good to have the responsibility and the freedom to do what you want. I only go to university three days a week, it’s different to high school where you have to go five days a week, and there is so much less structure. If you’re someone who’s independent and enjoys freedom then you’ll love University.”

I asked Damon, “It couldn’t be at all that breezy for you?”

Damon replies, “I really haven’t had any issues so far, I’ve pretty much from day one felt at home with La Trobe. I haven’t got lost at all and everyone’s really friendly. It’s just like going to school, however, you’re with all different people and that is what makes it fun. It’s cool meeting people older than you and hearing their experiences. The thing I’ll miss about high school is having close relationships with students and the year 12 teachers; you can’t do that in university. Being in a lecture room full of people, you can’t make close relationships with teachers.”

“By the way I joined the BISA CLUB. I’m an executive member of it. It’s an Indonesian club. We practice the language and culture. We also have fun stalls where you can by food, and on the 14th of April we are having a movie night on campus. So everyone come along, we’d love to meet you all!”


By Brianne Keogh

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