As culture today becomes increasingly more fashion-orientated, independent labels and designers are fast-making their way in to a once restricted world of retail.

This new era of design is delivering a unique touch to what’s already out there – whether it be street-style, retro or chic – adding their own logo and gaining popularity for their individuality.

They’re young, local and often established from their backyard – and they’re changing the development of the fashion world.


Mornington Peninsula-based twins Charlie and Matt Pascazio are doing just that.

As the faces of Two The Sea Clothing, an independent and self-established surf label developed in 2013, Charlie and Matt are competitors in a new generation of fashion. They made their way into the market with artistic skills, a graphic designer and some big ideas, and have since created a label of basic essentials with relaxed vibes and versatile designs.

Photos: Two the Sea

“Charlie is the artist of our designs, drawing ideas that could become cool designs for different pieces of clothing. Our brand is a surf brand… so we target our clothing to the ‘surfy’ and ‘beachy’ kind of people mainly between the ages of 16 to 26 – we feel these are the people that are most likely to wear up and coming local clothing brands.”

Establishing themselves locally and through social media, Two The Sea has grown in popularity in its four years with just under 2,000 followers on Instagram and an influx of orders – giving the brothers high hopes for the future of their brand.

“We have gone above and beyond our own expectations, selling clothing all around the Mornington Peninsula and even interstate. For the future we would love to supply our clothing to surf stores around the Peninsula. We want to try and increase the amount of stock we are ordering in and increasing our overall turn around of stock.”

“We always thought about how cool it would be to start our own clothing company. It stared off as a bit of fun and quickly grew into more, and more work for the two of us. We never thought of it as a business venture so it was more just a fun way of getting people to wear clothing that we had designed ourselves.”

Local designers are what seems to be the ‘next big thing’ in popular culture, but what separates one from the next is their ability to change with the trends and provide a diverse line that pleases existing customers and inspires more.

“We feel like our brand is a personable brand that people can enjoy and feel excited to wear. It’s run by twins which I think is original in its own way and people can relate to the family sort of vibes we have for our brand.”

“We are continuously thinking about our next orders and what sorts of things may be in fashion. Keep an eye out for our winter stock, it is going to be tasty!”

Two The Sea are currently developing a website to be launched in the near future. In the meantime head over to their Instagram page @twotheseaclothing to check out their designs.


By Alanah Frost

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