Meg Takes Melbourne #02: Laughter is the best medicine. So are crappy clichés.

If there is anything that draws me to Melbourne the most, it’s the fact that we as a city have a set time every year to all come together for a few weeks and share a good laugh. That’s the epitome of a utopian city in my books.

On the 2nd of April I was able to finally take part in the laugh festival that is the Melbourne Comedy Festival. I’ve always been a huge fan of stand-up comedy and thanks to a kind floor mate, I was able to grab tickets to the hilarious Joel Creasey’s show The Crown Prince at Max Watt’s House of Music.

Though he might not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to his comedy style, I personally consider Joel one of the best comedians for our generation. He knows exactly what’s up in the Millennial bracket and in my opinion, this is what makes him so hilarious.


I love the greats of stand-up comedy, but we’ve been the butt of the joke for too long. We’re “the selfie generation”; the ones that get a medal just for participating, the ones that have grown up to be narcissistic and self-absorbed because of the evil entity that is the internet. This is all I hear about us in stand-up comedy and frankly, it’s getting boring. It’s refreshing to finally see a comedian who belongs to this generation and is able to retort back, and Joel does this in a way that makes you wish you were his best friend.

(By also commencing his show with “Boy, do we have so much gossip to get through tonight!”, as a future journalist I had never been more excited in my life. I’m now officially an insider.)

Being in the atmosphere of the Festival made me realise how important it is for Melbourne to have an outlet of humour every year – something that we can just sit back and enjoy.

Sometimes when I go into the city I feel as though I’m walking into a concrete jungle, as people in business clothes rush around to go to the places they need to be, surrounded by the greyness of the buildings around me. Melbourne can be so fast paced and serious it’s hard to keep up, so seeing a different side of the city in a relaxed, excited atmosphere made me realise that it’s okay to have a laugh every once in a while because we all deserve it.


Just like the outside of the Melbourne Town Hall, it’s okay add a bit of colour in your life.


By Meg Kennedy

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