Music events in and around rural areas are incredibly varied

Finding the music genre that you enjoy can often be a difficult and tedious task, however, social media, business’s and tourism programs however are making this easier. You will still have your usual annual festivals that draw in an countless amount of talent and find new artists to listen to, but you will also find local newspapers featuring new and upcoming artists in town, flyers in windows and on community notice boards and venues opening their doors at different hours to encourage new audiences to engage in different genres of music.

Finding a great band however is not the only thing we consider about an event. The time and costs also come into play when looking into whether you’re going to an event or not. A majority of venues often open their doors in the evenings for their live music performances and all ages events can be hard to come by in terms of gigs, but others are looking to change that up.

The MusicMan Megastore situated in the heart of Bendigo opened their doors at 11am on Sunday to everyone for a stunning six band line-up including; Trash Lily, Paper Boat Armanda, Junior Under the Moon, After Change, The Valley Ends and Young Lions. The sounds that came from the store intrigued passers-by and soon the room was filled of individuals of all ages enjoying the different musical sets in a relaxed environment.

An upcoming all age’s and all day event that is well worth checking out is the Winter Blues Festival in Echuca/Moama. This event running on the 29th to 31st of July of this year books an astonishing amount of bands to play in and around the town. Beginning at the start of each day you will find music lining the streets and in amongst local businesses and venues. Whilst it can be costly to go away for the weekend, this three day event in my opinion is well worth the money.

MusicMan regularly advertises a vast range of music events each week on their Gig Guide and Facebook.

By Rhiannon Lloyd




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