The milkshake that crushed my dreams

My adventure to find the milkshake of my dreams started here, although it might not be a happily ever after for us.

Naughty Boy is an urban cafe located in Carlton. With its industrial interior and fresh vibes, Naughty Boy’s atmosphere doesn’t disappoint. It is one of those cafes that are made for Instagram with the art deco all over the walls, and the modern finishing touches, to simple details, like tables and chairs.

Now, why you ask? Why am I at Naughty Boy well for the famous milkshakes? These babies revolutionise the average day milkshake into a tower-topping treat. That stimulates anyone’s taste buds. The milkshake I bought was the Nutella chocolate fudge one. Once it arrived it blew my mind! How? By how marvellous it looked, I could only imagine how it tasted. So I’m waiting and waiting, day dreaming over how amazing this milkshake is going to be. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the waitress with the milkshakes, and my mouth starts salivating and I’m staring at it. The milkshake set in front of me was covered in nutella on the outside of the glass, with dried fruit, on the top whipped cream and a brownie. It looked divine.

Unfortunately the milkshake didn’t live up to my expectations. It was not flavoursome, but milky. The only thing that stood out was the brownie at the top of the milkshake. It was smooth and gooey. Just the way a brownie should be and also very rich in chocolate (they didn’t scum on chocolate on the brownie). I was very saddened by the actual milkshake. The only reason you’d go there is to get an Instagram photo of the milkshake and everyone’s jealous comments on the photo. I thought I’d write this blog to my fellow La Trobe students, as heads up before you go – to not have high hopes!


By Brianne Keogh



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