Open Mic Arvo @ La Trobe

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If you can sing a tune, beat a drum, bust a move or have any other skills that are just waiting to be showcased, then La Trobe University’s Open Mic Arvo is the place for you!


Providing a judgement-free platform for artists, the Open Mic night is a great location to get your confidence on the stage. The afternoon is held at the Eagle Bar on La Trobe’s Bundoora campus and kicks off around 4pm every Wednesday.


You’re bound to be greeted with a smile upon arrival by Jamal Blakkarly, the organiser and host of Open Mic Arvo and regular performer.


“I play most weeks. I tend to kick it off because no one really wants to start. I’ll fill gaps if there’s space but ideally if the event’s running well I shouldn’t play because there should be enough people without me.”

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The afternoon generally features acoustic acts but there are few limitations to who and what can be performed.


“We’ve had all sorts, we’ve had spoken word poets, we’ve had comedians, we’ve had saxophone players, we’ve had people coming up doing duets, solos, we had one guys with a whole lot of percussion stuff at one point. We try and for accommodate as much as possible.”


Open Mic Arvo celebrates creativity and provides students with an opportunity to gain experience and confidence.


“We actively reach out and encourage anyone who wants to do any kind of performance to come up, take the mic and have a go.”


Not only do students get a chance to try out their act but each performer is also entitled to a pint for their services!

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There is a warm atmosphere to Open Mic Arvo and a respect for all who are courageous enough to have a go on stage. It boasts a welcoming audience who are always happy to applaud new acts and regulars alike.


So get involved and come on down to the Eagle Bar this Wednesday! Perform for a pint or simply support your fellow students and enjoy an afternoon of free entertainment.


By Scarlett Maloney

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