Have you ever heard of the Journalism, Media and Communications Society, known to some as JMAC? Well this gorgeous face here is one of the executive members, more specifically, the Social Media Manager. His name is Kristian and he’s a second year student studying journalism. He will tell you more about JMAC.

“Yes, I’m apart of the JMAC leadership team. I am the social media manager; I’m one of two people, who are controlling JMAC’s social media sites. I like social media and I spend most of my time on it so I thought why not help them. I enjoy social media; especially sites like Twitter, and furthermore I thought I could help JMAC boost their social media presence. I realised, coming towards the end of the year, JMAC’S social media presence wasn’t as big compared to the start of the year. So this year we have kind of all gathered and formulated ideas on how to do this. We plan to create a greater social media presence within La Trobe’s Media Communications community and for more people to recognise our society.”

I also asked him if JMAC lets loose anytime.

He replied, “Every second or third week we will go to one of the bars down the 86 tram line. We’d get together, drink and have a chat. We’d keep it very casual, more importantly we only do these things like once a month.”

“More importantly, on the 20th of April we are running a seminar, where 3rd year journalists come and talk about how to get your idea published and how to pitch it to places.”

“JMAC aims to help you build a network and to build your portfolio”

Don’t be scared to ask Kristian questions if you see him around La Trobe for JMAC, because he’d be happy to help!


By Brianne Keogh

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