Tell me your university, and I’ll tell you who you are


The whistling leaves through the cornflower sky

The serenade of the wind, flirting with the trees

They dance in rhythm for the passerbys

Where amber light greets, the morning field


Dear La Trobe, I love the campus. The entire landscape of La Trobe reflects the very composed and relaxed outlook of Melbourne, where 6pm onwards you can hear the sound of crickets on the suburbs, the engines of bypassing cars, and the footsteps of individuals. It’s peaceful and collected throughout the day, and you can hear the flapping wings of the birds flying above through the trees. Silence is often taken for granted, because people don’t listen to what it has to say.


From all walks of life, we are all but one

Of, Red, Black, Argent, and White

The sizzle of foods, the chatters, the drums

A celebration of cultures, teeming with life!


For they say that the best things in life are the simple things, and true indeed one of the best things about La Trobe is simply seeing how so many different people from all cultures blend and interact. A milder way of saying ‘it’s a jungle out there!’. There are plenty of platforms that the university offers for students to express themselves, such as clubs and organizations, online media and blogs, events, and so much more.


Our paths will diverge, but only you can discern

How far you have gone, but more so, did you learn?

The walk we must take; soil and dirt as much

But how closely awaits! The yonder fields so lush


La Trobe wants you to be more than your interests, to be more than your talents, to do what you want, which is why each semester, students are encouraged to take up electives that are not in the sphere of their course. I’m taking up professional writing at the moment and it fills the heart to know that you have control over what you’re learning. Because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what they teach you, what matters is what you’ll learn, and more often than not, life is the best teacher. There’s an old English proverb that says ‘Fortune favors the bold’, so be brave and go for it.


Take each step light, but keep your eyes fixed

It’s the magician that deceives, not the magic trick

For once you were that strongwilled kid

You dreamed of dreams you never did

When in doubt and lost, it’s hard to see

That you are exactly, where, you need to be


My professor in the Philippines once said, that back in their day, you only needed a Bachelor’s Degree. Now, you can hardly land your dream job with a Master’s Degree. With the pressure brought about by the digital age, it’s easy to lose sight of the things that mean most to us, and when that happens it won’t matter how far you’ve gone if you’re not happy. So don’t make haste. Relax. You are where you’re supposed to be.

By Haj Songcuya

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