Vinyl vs. Digital download

Many of us may think that Vinyl records are a thing of the past; something that’s stacked up in your parent’s cupboards from their youth or something to make art from, but the old Records are making a strong comeback.

Vinyl collections have become replenished in stores and markets around the world, and record players are still a staple for many music collectors.

I myself have begun to start my Vinyl music collection, beginning with the My Chemical Romance and Black Veil Brides Record’s with the hope of collecting all of their released albums on this precious format. The right albums can be hard to find when your favourite band has few of their Vinyl albums available and those I know with Vinyl would never part with one of their albums making the second hand market small.

The biggest issue that I have found collecting is that vinyl albums can be quite costly. I have found that at many markets across country Victoria, you will often find a stall holder with boxes of vinyl albums for sale. You then need to spend the time to go through each box to see what you can find. The same goes for eBay. eBay is full of Vinyl albums for sale, you just need to check each albums condition and the seller’s reputation to get value for your money.

Stores like JB HiFi and Sanity also have a range of Vinyl albums for sale: both new and old. Buying from these stores will ensure that you are getting a great quality album and are often one of the best sources to find record’s from newer artists.

With the rise of digital music comes a wave of new and fast ways to access your music. From iTunes to Spotify to SoundCloud and official Youtube channels; access to both new and old music is easy to find.


Often this method is much cheaper than buying full Vinyl albums, plus there’s the bonus of being able to place your music directly onto your devices. Many music applications allow you to pre-order your music and recommended other artists and bands for you to listen to with the click of the button.

So what is better? Vinyl or Digital Music?

Well, honestly it depends on what you want. I have both. If you look carefully enough at new albums they sometimes contain digital downloads; this giving you a two for one. But in order to take your Vinyl with you, one has to own a turntable that also converts it to digital.

By Rhiannon Lloyd


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