Morning in the Life of a Uni Student, a Cautionary Tale.

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just seems to go wrong?

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Maybe your takeaway coffee might have been too cold or burning your fingertips. Maybe your tram/bus/train was late or you watched it go past just as you got to the station. Unfortunately everyone has had one of those cringe-worthy days.

Sadly, last Thursday for me was one of those days!

The tram I take to uni is usually on time but for the first time it was late. Knowing that trams run every 10 minutes I patiently waited. When the tram was almost 20 minutes late, I started to get worried. I even checked tram bulletins to see if something had happened! I had to go into uni to film a news bulletin and an ad for group work, so I was awkwardly carrying a prop disco ball in a green bag! With a sigh of relief, the tram finally arrived!

If anyone is ever worried about delays or updates about getting to and from Uni, please use the Public Transport Victoria link (it is a lifesaver!):

post 3 photo 1.png

I sat down on the nearest seat. My left leg soon started feeling weird sensations. Thinking it was the awkwardness of the disco ball between my legs, I ignored it. As the tram travelled from Stop 67 to Stop 63, I discovered that a leaking drink bottle from the guy sitting next to me was drenching my favourite pair of jeans!

By the time the tram got to La Trobe, I was nearly 10 minutes late. With people waiting for me, I ran. I hadn’t run like that since the school athletics carnival in primary school, where I finished in last place! Running across the Agora to get to HU2, I tripped over in a spectacular fashion.

post 3 photo 2.png

It wasn’t one of those blink-and-miss-it falls. In a matter of a second or two, the following occurred: I yelled quite loud for 9am where everyone was getting their caffeine boost or eating breakfast. I didn’t let go of the green bag as I fell, so imagine my arm impersonating Warnie’s famous flipper. My heart jolted along with my foot. My knee grazed, as did my cheek as I squashed onto the pavement. I heard people gasp. Out of sheer embarrassment, I got up as quickly as I could. I didn’t suffer serious injuries, just a bruised knee and a rip in my new jeans, for which I am still grieving!

Also, thank-you to the one and only person who mouthed “Are you ok?” to me!

It was a day I don’t want to repeat!

As the weather is growing colder and the ground slippery, everyone please be careful around campus!


By Hayley Anderson

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