Home is where the heart is

I come from a moderately sized rural town called Mildura, and the more time I spend away from it, the more I appreciate the value of where I grew up.

I remember how every part of me was driven to leave, how every action and decision I made was with the goal of moving to Melbourne in mind.

But now, after being away for a year and a half and after some reflection, I’ve realised the great things about my home-town, roughly a six-hour drive away from the big smoke.

The weather

The weather in Mildura is in a whole other league. A better league. A league that has televised games. It is so beautiful pretty much all year-round.

With an average temperature of 31.4 degrees throughout the summer (dry heat thankfully, I’d probably cry if it were humid), and winter features clear blue skies and sun, it’s pretty safe to say that Mildura has some of the finest weather going around.

I always return to Melbourne with a bit of a sunburn, the sun is just that bit more in Mildura.

The people

Although the people of Mildura have a certain notoriety for gossip, they can often surprise you with their kind-heartedness and welcoming nature. When a member of the community is struggling, everyone will do their best to support and help them where possible. There have been a number of times where this has happened, with people opening their homes, their hearts and their wallets.

The growth

Each time I go home lately, there’s a new addition to the town. Mildura has had a surge in housing developments, seeing the town slowly grow, as well as two speciality coffee shops open up in the last two months, both of which have been extremely popular.

The family

The best part about going home is seeing my family.

Moving to Melbourne was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. Because of it, I’ve grown as a person, and experienced what life is like on my own, which has been a terrifying, beautiful and eye-opening experience.
3.2My safety net, the people who have always pushed me to be my best, are something that I appreciate more than ever. They’ve always wanted me to do my best, even if it meant me moving far away from them. They understand, and they support me. They love unconditionally, and moving away has given me an amazing appreciation for the lengths that they have gone to to ensure that I have the tools to be my best.

They taught me that no matter what, in experiencing the world and educating myself to do my very best, they will always be there for me.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that you can one day see your home town as incredibly as I do mine.

Remember, life is short. Do stuff that matters.


By Tyler Trevaskis 

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