Marshall: the Hawaiian shirt and purple tuxedo

Have you ever seen Marshall around the La Trobe University grounds?

Do you recognise him? I’m sure you do. If you don’t, he stands out – big time. Marshall is 6 foot 2 and he’s always wearing a Hawaiian shirt on Thursdays to university. The shirt reflects his personality in many aspects, I hope if you do see him that you say hi because truthfully he is one of the nicest guys I’ve met on campus.

“I’m Marshall and I’m studying media and communications majoring in journalism. I journalise sport, that’s right.”

I asked him to elaborate on that but he replied, “People understand what journalism is.”

Marshall attended the Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal Gala two weeks ago for his journalism class. “We went there for a couple of reasons, we went there to have some fun, eat good food, and meet nice people. It was a load of fun! But the main reason we went there was to get shots of the formal for our story for the Making Media subject. Also, we went to grab an interview with the head chair of our Making Media bulletin. Apart from that (which stressed us out), at the end of the night we all just wanted to get home.”

We heard on the rumour mill he wanted to make an appearance in his purple tuxedo, let’s see if it made the appearance.

“The rumour is true, however, sadly it didn’t make it up to where I live at the moment. I left it behind, but, I’m sure it’ll make appearance one day.”


By Brianne Keogh

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