Exams Are Coming

Exam Dates: Friday 3 June to Thursday 23 June 2016

The official La Trobe exam timetable was released last week and people are stocking up on pens for the many essays and questions ready to be answered!

Don’t worry if you weren’t aware of the timetable!

Check out the timetable link below, which takes you to each of the La Trobe campuses timetables suited to your needs:



It’s acceptable at this time of the year to be worried about your upcoming exams. However, make sure it doesn’t distract from the task at hand. The exam period can be very stressful, but make sure you have support around you.

For anyone who struggles with juggling subjects during exam time, here are a couple of helpful tips:

  1. Your environment

Make sure you are in an environment where you can be productive and proactive.  Although it’s tempting to multi-task, studying while watching the new episode of Game of Thrones isn’t exactly the best way to retain information. Take it from someone who has tried!

Your environment should be away from any distractions, particularly your phone.

  1. Make a timetable

While this seems obvious, timetables are very useful! You can structure your next couple of weeks and delegate hours for each of your subjects equally. Also pen in regular breaks!

3. Have regular breaks

Regular breaks of about 10 – 15 minutes helps you relax your mind from exhaustive studying. To effectively maximize your time; study, have a break, then go back to studying. Repeat cycle.

Reward yourself at the end of the day and watch that Game of Thrones episode before social media spoils it!

  1. Briefly revisit your notes before bedtime – Don’t pull all-nighters!

Regardless of exams, everyone should be getting at least 8 hours sleep each night. Before some shut eye, briefly reread your notes. My teacher suggested this to me during Year 12. It helps you retain the information as your brain falls into sleep mode and you should be able to remember it still by the morning.


  1. Colours and sticky notes!

Odd as it may seem, but it can help you associate terms, definitions or information with a colour. Don’t write whole sentences, only key words. This was so effective for me that my wall was covered with fluro and pink sticky notes by the end of Year 12 exams.

  1. Memorisation

Rather than reading stuff and hoping for information to sink in, adapt to suit your way of thinking. Use crazy fonts or sing the words on the page.  Anything can work! If you want to become a ‘memory master’, please read this article, it’s amazing what our brains can retain through unusual means!



Although exams seem distant, they will arrive in a blink!

Effectively use your studying time and good luck!


By Hayley Anderson



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