The timeless influence of Z I M M E R M A N N


The definition of Australian style has varied over time: it’s been elegant, chic, classy and stylish, full of colour, monochrome, long and then short (and then long again); but one thing ceases to change – the quality and unique designs that are unquestionably Australian made.

Embodying this spirit is the timeless designs of talented sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann.


Photo: Zimmermann

Finding their feet in the early 1990’s at Sydney’s Paddington markets, it was from here that momentum grew for the emerging duo. Zimmermann established itself as a label that responded to the women who wore their garments, maintaining a somewhat personalised range of ready-to-wear, chic fashion for the stylish Aussie girl. Since then, Zimmermann have established themselves on a global scale with instantly recognisable and feminine items that are an elegant desire – from embroided swimwear, to lace playsuits and petite blouses, the duo inflict a modern-day edge to a classic form of Australian fashion.

Like all high-end fashion names, Zimmermann present an annual ready-to-wear collection at the New York Fashion Week and have showrooms in Sydney, London, New York and Los Angeles, cementing their prominence among fashion culture. Their influence extends to an overseas market where their unique designs are in high demand.


Photo: Zimmermann

With original designs a step ahead of the modern-day girl, Zimmermann inspire an instant realm of beauty and set the scene for the year to come. They have the ability to transform a bad day to a beautiful one with simple silk fabric – and, they are a symbol of success for generations to come. This years ready-to-wear collection left no stone unturned, featuring an extensive range of to-die-for pieces. There was an emphasis on subtle pastels, tailored monochrome, delicate lace and aesthetic prints, ensuring Zimmermann’s 2016 collection showed expert capability that separates them from the crowd. Two-piece ensembles made a much appreciated appearance in the form of high-wasted shorts and accompanying tailored tops, as well as a corded skirt and top combination.

The entirety of Zimmermann’s influence is arguably up their with the very best – from small beginnings, Nicky and Simone have established themselves as a high-end fashion label worn by women of prominence, power, fashion and everyday life. Their continuous eye for trends and originality is an elite combination, allowing the label and its devoted designers a multitude of ever-deserving success with designs that will still be in demand for decades to come.

By Alanah Frost

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