Life behind the glass curtain


Our news bulletin, “Making Media Nightly”, about to go live

“Places people! We’re going live in 5!”. The presenters frantically rehearsing their scripts, the camera crew carefully framing their shots, and the producer rushing to make sure that everything is ready in time, is but a fraction of the pressure and tension that smothers the news studio day-in and day-out. Sure enough, we weren’t spared the blood, tears and sweat in our Making Media class when we were given the task of creating our very own news bulletin. As viewers we only see what the news allows us to, but what is it really like behind the glass curtains?


Network Room: This is where television news is managed and everything is communicated. Here you will see the producer, director, audio crew, stills operator, script writer, and graphics crew

This is the class that consumed most of my 1st semester at La Trobe University. From conducting interviews all around the city, to filming overlay footage at different locations, and staying in the university’s editing suites until 9pm, the requirements piled up one after the other. The entire class needed to cooperate because we were all being graded on our single class production. Where others fell short on the effort and the grind, some had to go out of their way to fill in gaps, and so there were issues that needed to be resolved. But every bead of sweat was worth it because we we’re one of the best productions.


Stage/Floor: Everything that happens here is what viewers will see on television. Here you will see the camera crew, news anchor, stage designer, sports and weather presenter, and floor manager

I’m exceedingly grateful that La Trobe designed a class such as this. My Making media class is distinct from my other subjects because it gave me first-hand experience of what I should expect when working in a news studio, as well as granted me an opportunity to collaborate with other students of different nationalities and establish relationships with my peers. This allowed me to have my very first friends in Australia. In the future I hope I can participate in another class of this nature because as an international student it is necessary and fulfilling to create meaningful friendships.


Myself operating the camera for the weather news

By Haj Songcuya

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