The “Hot Asian” takes SUGS

Southern University Games (SUGS) – the pinnacle of greatness in sport – where some of the best athletes from different universities across the south side of Australia compete. “SUGS”, the term shortened by the athletes themselves, is not all about playing sport. Oh no, Angie describes it as being “schoolies on steroids”. The amount of alcohol these athletes consumed could flood La Trobe University’s moats.

Angie Wang-Hartman was nicknamed on SUGS by the hockey team as the “HOT ASIAN” and this is Angie’s story on how SUGS was for her.


“I played basketball for La Trobe in the second team. Basically we played basketball, slept, went out and met some pretty cool people. This was repeated for 4 nights straight. The great thing about SUGS is that I’ve met some life long friends from La Trobe.”

Angie does want to advise some students about certain things on SUGS. “ We went to La Di Da and Brown Alley for clubbing. I advise everyone who does SUGS in Melbourne, that La Di Da is shit, no one should go there again.”

Highlights were: “Dinner was really good, at CQ (the club everyone goes to on a Friday) they supplied some good potato salad.” Angie gives her tick of approval.

“The dessert was pretty good – didn’t like how our teammates ditched us on the first night so we didn’t get to eat the dessert – not cool.”

“Do SUGS it’s fun, but not when you’re shit at basketball… don’t do it then.”


That’s it from Angie Wang, SUGS 2017 campaign for basketball starts now!

By Brianne Keogh

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