Writers in action

La Trobe University offers students the opportunity to complete an interactive subject that surrounds the various writing festivals. I, and many other students from across the campuses will be attending the subject run during the Bendigo Writers Festival.

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Writers in Action offers La Trobe students an interactive look at how the festival works and provides the opportunity to participate in the various workshops and sessions across the event.

As well as the line-up featured as part of the festival, the Bendigo Library is also offering a side festival: Write on the Fringe.

Between the two festivals this year, the timetable consists of a more than 60 different sessions (including some workshops) that feature a wide variety of authors and professionals discussing various topics and ideas.

With so many sessions to choose from I am most looking forward to attending sessions and workshops with Stephanie Alexander, Di Morrissey, Isobelle Carmody, Julian Assange, Darren Middleton, Sarah Ferguson, Tim Flannery and many more.

Whilst Writers in Action is still a University subject with assignments and class requirements, the opportunities given through both content and festival sessions make for an interesting and interactive subject that I am excited to be part of.

Ticketing options range from day passes to weekend passes.

You can find out more about the Writers in Action subject in the universities handbook.

*All images have been sourced from the Bendigo Writers Festival Website*

By Rhiannon Lloyd

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