A New Hope: Generation Zion

Generation Z: A generation of techno savvy Beliebers and social media natives. They entered the world in the age of the internet; an age where Google knows absolutely everything from the history of ancient Persia to the name of the other member of Destiny’s Child. To deal with the information overload, Gen Zed have developed an eight second attention span in order to filter through the enormity of information available to them.

Sometimes I think about this 8-second filter, the creation of the selfie stick, The Kardashians and The Twilight saga and worry about what our future might look like under the rule of Generation Z. Do these little pouting punks have what it takes to run the world? Meeting people like 18-year-old Zion Lulseged, puts my mind at ease.

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Zion is a lovely young student at LaTrobe University who is studying a Bachelor of Media and Communications. Fresh out of high school and into tertiary study, Zion is continuing an interest in media which she established at St Aloysius College, the all-girls Catholic high school she attended in North Melbourne.

I had seen Zion around LaTrobe a lot and had noticed a warm, friendly aura about her. Exuding the presence of a natural born leader, I felt as though I knew her.

Zion is of Ethiopian heritage and was born in Sudan before her family moved to Melbourne in 1999. Her mother is a chef and her father owned and operated a café until most recently.

Growing up Western Melbourne suburbs, Zion holds Kensington particularly close to her heart. She shared kindergarten and high school with the same girls and formed lifelong friendships. Quite the extra curricular queen, she participated in choir, soccer, volleyball, table tennis and was School Captain in her senior year.

There is a kind, nurturing and somewhat maternal quality in the young student. This could be attributed to the arrival of her youngest brother, Lucas when Zion was entering her formative, teenage years. She told me proudly, through a glowing smile, of his 6th Birthday party and the show stopping cake she made for him.

Zion is your average Harry Potter loving eighteen-year-old, sporting a polaroid camera and binging on ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

Zion doesn’t know exactly what she’ll make of her degree in Media and Communications. Personally, I would say she has the gumption to find success wherever she seeks it. A promising, young leader.

Upon speaking with her further, it turns out I actually did know her. Ho ho ho. We had met at a bar in Brunswick and chatted in the endless line for the bathroom: a place where many of the greatest friendships are formed.

The future of this world is uncertain and Generation Z is at the forefront of a new age of digital-everything. I am proud and excited to enter a future with people like Zion at the helm.

You got this, Gen Zed.


By Scarlett Maloney 

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