The Force (of Oz Comic Con) Awakens!

Batman. Comic books. Funko pop vinyls. John Barrowman. What do these four have in common? Only the greatest event of the year on Melbourne’s calendar, Oz Comic Con (June 11-12, 2016)!


For those who are unaware, Oz Comic Con is a weekend long extravaganza and cornucopia for all things wonderfully ‘geeky’.  The expo is the ultimate way to embrace and express your love (obsession) for various television shows, films, comics and all things associated with popular culture. The expo is populated with film icons and props (Jurassic Park vehicle, Lego sculptures) and is fantastic fun but beware, it is very dangerous for your wallet as your money soon disappears with all the wonderful things to purchase…

post 1 photo 1post 1 photo 2

A crucial part of the experience is seeing everyone’s fantastic cosplay (costume-play) outfits. It is the only place you will see the Joker, the Doctor, Harry Potter, Stormtroopers and Daenerys Targaryen in the same room together. If anyone went this year, you may have seen me proudly wearing my homemade Doctor Who inspired poodle skirt. While it is not compulsory to cosplay, everyone is welcomed to feel comfortable to wear whatever they like.


If you do cosplay be careful of your outfit as the expo is indoors and by the time it is midday, walking the floor is like being in a sardine can, but it’s worth it and a part of the experience.

post 1 photo 3

Besides it being nerd heaven, the highlight of Oz Comic Con is the exciting celebrity appearances, where you can meet them and pay to grab an autograph or a photo-op with the celebrity of your choice. You can also attend their free hour-long Q&A panels. This year Melbourne had awesome guest list, including Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess) and the one and only John Barrowman.


Barrowman is a Doctor Who and Torchwood favourite who portrayed the iconic and ground-breaking Captain Jack Harkness.


When he announced he was exclusively coming to Melbourne, I knew straight away that I just had to meet him and get a photograph or I would forever regret it! So although I enjoyed burning a hole in my pocket, I was anxiously anticipating the moment when I would meet him.

By Hayley Anderson 




















Let me guarantee you, he did NOT disappoint. Just as I suspected, he is as amazing-perfect-hilarious-kind and awesome in real life as he is on screen. The personality and charisma he exudes on television is identical in real life. The best thing about him is that he loves his fans and respects that his character has influenced and changed so many lives. Although our encounter was probably a mere ten seconds (the queue for a photo-op with him was nearly out of the door), I will forever remember and treasure it for the rest of my life.  The photo is lovingly hung in my bedroom forevermore.


That’s the magic of Oz Comic Con, it’s like Disneyland, it’s the happiest place on Earth and is able to make even a fangirl’s dreams come true.



For next year’s Oz Comic Con news and updates, please visit:

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