Meg Takes Melbourne #06 – A Melbourne Bucket List to See the Year Out.

Is it just me or is this semester flying by?

Aside from juggling a current flu (sickness travels fast around college) and assignments that are beginning to pile up, I’m forgetting I’m nearing the end of my college experience. Next year I’ll be moving into an apartment with some close friends I’ve made on college, but it will be nothing like the experiences I’ve shared here.

To finish the year off before I have to become a full adult next year as a true Melbournian, I’ve decided to compile a list of dream places I want to visit as I still attempt to take on Melbourne!

Ride a Rollercoaster at Luna Park

I’m not usually a rides person, but I’m sure I would make a (slight) exception for Luna Park. I’ve never actually been to Luna Park in my entire life, so I think ending the year with a thrill won’t be too bad. Besides, free entry. Literally symphonies to any student’s ear.

Fangirl heavily at the Jurassic World Exhibition

Now THIS is more up my nerdy avenue. Last year I spent $50 worth on movie tickets to see Jurassic World five times. Yes, you read that right. In Year 12 I skipped an important meeting about uni to go and see it alone (well hey, I ended up here right?) Obviously I owe it to myself to finally see the goodness of the Jurassic period as real life as it can get. If you’re going anytime soon, I’ll be the one crying while singing the Jurassic Park theme.

post 2 photo 1

…Continue to fangirl heavily over how cool space is at Scienceworks Planetarium

Yet another nerdy venture I’m dying to see. If it’s not dinosaurs, its space. I haven’t visited Scienceworks in about ten years, so to be able to relive the childhood memories of cool science, especially through a planetarium show, is something I can’t wait to do. I’ll be able to live my wild dream of being an astronaut.

post 2 photo 2

Watch a Live Gig at Palais Theatre

As a sucker for live music venues, I’m quite disappointed in myself for not seeing a gig at the beloved Palais Theatre this year. Although I’ve set foot in the hallowed halls of the venue before, rounding out the year without seeing a great (preferably acoustic) live performance.

Pretend to be important and ride on a horse and carriage around Melbourne

Although this is #couplegoals, I will happily do this single and alone as I wave to all my Melbournian peasants from below.

Get lost at Hanging Rock

Now this one is a little further out of town, but it’s literally been one of the most intriguing and mysterious places I went to as a child and have been kicking to return. I’m an absolute sucker for mysteries and conspiracy theories, and all the oddities surrounding Hanging Rock are incredibly intriguing. There’s also Straws Lane close by which has an optical illusion, where the landscape tricks the mind into thinking they’re going uphill by putting a car in neutral, when in reality it’s travelling downhill. There’s also been sightings of mysterious objects and discs in the sky. That’s some trippy stuff.

post 2 photo 3

By Meg Kennedy 

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