Five apples a day, keeps Poppy’s doctor away

Poppy Ford-Jenkins, 20, is a part time model; who lives in Melbourne, Australia, away from her family in the country. If Poppy could choose between being an apple or an orange, she’d pick an apple any day of the week. Poppy has advised that apples are her main food group and on a good day she’ll eat about five.


Poppy Ford-Jenkins is a country girl born on the outskirts of Melbourne, in a little town called Finley. Poppy believed that the world of Finley was too small for her; she explained that everyone knew each others name in Finley, whichever way you turned. So she ventured out of Finley to the urban city landscape of Melbourne. This unknown world Poppy was about to transition into was different to her life in Finley. At the start of the year she go scouted from an agency to model – now Poppy models part time. Poppy follows her journey of metamorphosis from an isolated caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

Poppy is not just beautiful, with a million dollar smile; she’s also very intelligent. She is currently studying at La Trobe University, doing a Bachelor degree in Journalism. Poppy exudes an adventurous spirit and one day she aspires to be a travel journalist. She specified a travel journalist for the National Geographic. One of her main passions is traveling and one day Poppy hopes to combine her love for traveling with her career. She’s been to New York, Spain, Morocco and others. Poppy has one destination in mind especially, and that is Greece. She one day wants to travel around the Greek Islands.

“If I had to have a super power it would be to fly, life’s too boring to walk.”

Lastly Poppy describes her spirit animal as a butterfly and as soon as you meet her you can understand why. Poppy is a free spirit full of adventure and within five seconds of getting to know this girl she’ll make you flutter with joy. You can understand now, why out of every super power you can have she’d love to fly. She moved from the country to the big city, doesn’t that explain her connection with her spirit animal enough? Poppy is transitioning through her journey, as she is learning to spread her wings and find her own sense of life.

“Freedom is key in my life.”

By Brianne Keogh

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