Young Student Leaders

This weekend I had the opportunity to give a talk to the students of the School for Student Leadership at the Gnurad-Gundidj campus, and it was awesome. Being someone who has been through the Gnurad program, I really appreciate and value the awesome things they are doing towards developing young student leaders. Being able to hang out with the students as well as tell them a thing or two about my journey from Gnurad and beyond is truly incredible.


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Each day Gnurad has two student leaders, who essentially run the day’s goings-on. From head-count, to giving reminders and important announcements, they also select the quote of the day. On Sunday it was this:


“Don’t give up! There’s no shame in falling down. True shame is not standing up again!”

– Shintaro Midorima.


The students base their Dearr (drop everything, read and reflect) sessions on this quote, and seeing as I got to partake in the program for the day I decided it was only fair I joined them. This is how I interpreted the quote:


There will be a vast number of times in life that you will fall down. Both literally and metaphorically.


You don’t achieve your goal, the bloke next to you gets the raise you worked harder for, you don’t quite get the mark you were after despite giving your all to an assignment.


Life is full of quite disappointing and difficult set backs. They will, and definitely do, happen.


However, the main issue occurs when you allow these set backs to manifest into something permanent. A sense of self-doubt or disbelief in your own abilities. A feeling that your goals are unattainable and unachievable.


There is no shame to be found in making a mistake or having some form of set-back happen. There is especially no shame in getting back up or doing the necessary things to correct your course.


Having a long line of set backs or a goal that continually moves away from you no matter how hard you chase it can cause a lot of stress. Stress (thanks to the cortisol that is released when you feel stressed) if experienced for long enough can lead to some really nasty things. A break-down in your immune system and a breakdown of your persistence and heart.


This often leads to even worse things. Debilitating health issues and perhaps even having an effect on your mental health.


There is no shame in falling down. There is shame in not getting back up on the horse and doing what you’ve got to do.


Reset your goal. Keep hustling. Keep chasing the dream. Because you will never achieve it if you’re too busy worrying about the fact that you were set back.


We’re half-way through the last semester of 2016, let’s finish strong La Trobe.


By Tyler Trevaskis 

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