Hann, the modern day superwoman

Hann Mrakov is possibly one of the most individual people you’ll ever meet. She’s literally one of a kind.

Hann is 6 foot 2 and she skyscrapers over the whole of La Trobe University. Hann isn’t discouraged by her height – she embraces it, in more ways than one. One of those ways is by creating her own clothes for herself. Every outfit you will see Hann in at LTU she has handmade herself. One of the reasons she started remaking clothes from Savers was to improve our environment, as she is an activist for the Greens. She believes “recycling is key to sustain a better future.” Maybe she’s right? Hann is an example of the future role models we’ll need in our society.


She not only is an activist for the Greens, she plays a key role in rallies for freeing refugees in our detention centres on Kangaroo Island. She was the key person in the march that happened last week in the CBD. Hann recites the chants and leads the rally with the megaphone.

Hann also fed the Homeless last Saturday night. Hann isn’t just an angel she did admit, “I went to Anyway after and then had kick on’s at revs till Sunday morning”. Hann is a Revs regular and believes “Revs is the place to be”. She is also a regular at Doofs.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with DOOFS – “slang term doof or bush doof refers to a type of outdoor dance party in Australia and New Zealand, generally held in a remote country area or just outside big cities in surrounding bush or rainforests and similar to raves or teknivals.”

Hann believes “Doofs are better than festivals because there’s a sense of community within them.”

Hann also is a vegan and is very active in her local community against animal cruelty. “I once saw a chick be slaughtered in a video and couldn’t eat chicken again after it.” Now Hann says that her only favourite take out food is hot chips from Macca’s and fake vegan Parma’s.

Ever had fake chicken?

Hann suggest you should try it, before you judge it !

By Brianne Keogh

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