Sausage Party Sizzles Up the Scree

(Spoiler free review)


Seth Rogen’s new animated comedy cooks up a storm and leaves audiences hungry for more.


CAUTION: If you want to see the funniest film of the year, enter at your own risk.


The premise is simple; we all know what happens to food when we take them to the ‘great beyond’ (outside the supermarket), they get eaten. The food however, is unaware of their fate.


The anthropomorphic Frank the sausage/hot dog (Rogen) discovers the ‘horrible truth’ and decides his mission is to tell the non-believers. Whose Frank’s love interest? Fittingly, a hot dog bun named Brenda (Kristen Wiig).


Don’t be fooled by the Disney-esque characters and child-friendly animation – it’s explicit content is definitely not suitable for children. Like a food allergy, keep them far away from this movie. The adults? They will digest and love every second of it.

Sausage Party uniquely positions the audience in an unreal predicament – you side with the food and are disgusted with the humans. We are the enemy and are portrayed as hunger-driven monsters, or in the beginning, their ‘Gods’. An element of horror is applied – its strangely gruesome watching the adorable characters being peeled, sliced and diced. In reality it’s just the process of cooking dinner.


The animation is populated with a buffet of well-rounded characters that play on racial stereotypes, (Latinos as tacos, Americans as donuts), the film unexpectedly leads to appropriate modern social commentary on relationships between countries and people.


Rogen’s usual risqué comedic flavour is kept intact. Actually, the film hilariously pushes boundaries so far it goes off the cliff. That’s something, even for a Rogen film (Knocked Up and The Interview). The climax of the film, is, well, let’s just say you won’t eat for a week.


The usual classmates of Rogen comedies are present – Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Craig Robinson, Michael Cera and Bill Hader light up the screen like a Coke and Mentos explosion.


In an industry that has a superhero film on the shelves every couple of months and remake/reboots galore (not-saying-there’s-a-problem-with-that), Sausage Party is an original and welcomed addition on the movie (super)market.


Make sure Sausage Party is on your grocery shopping list and tick it off. Don’t resist the temptation.


By Hayley Anderson


Sausage Party trailer:

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