Bridget Jones’ Baby Deliver


Bridget Jones returns with a baby in tow and the results are positive.



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Welcoming back Bridget Jones is like inviting an old friend round for a cuppa. It’s delightful, exciting and you feel right at home. But in the midst of conversation, you are always anticipating the gossip. Eventually, the questions we are dying to ask Bridget are addressed.


We last left Bridget engaged to the ever-so-perfect Mark Darcy and bound to walk down the aisle to her well-deserved happily ever after. Flash forward 15 years and Bridget is back to sitting on that couch listening to “All by Myself” (mirroring where we first see her in the first film). From the looks of it, life hasn’t turned out so well for Bridget as we hoped it would.


Que in Jack, the good-looking billionaire that Bridget meets after tripping a-over-t into mud, ala true Bridget Jones style. He saves her from embarrassment. Love – or desire – is in the air. After this encounter, she reunites with Mark Darcy. Six weeks later, she’s pregnant with two possible baby-daddies. Audiences are left divided: Team Mark or Team Jack.


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While the film follows some rom-com tropes, it doesn’t get soppy. In fact, it’s cleverly written. Especially with the social commentary on the ‘older mothers’ stereotype. Co-writers Emma Thompson and Helen Fielding know exactly who their audience is, and the film benefits significantly from this. Fans of the franchise will be shocked, surprised and filled with laughter with some of the film’s excellently executed twists and turns. Without spoiling, the film’s one celebrity cameo is worth the ticket price alone. The film is nostalgic of the first two instalments while being refreshing. Since The Edge of Reason, the Internet has evolved. As a result, Bridget has replaced her iconic diary for an electronic device.

Renee Zellweger still captures Bridget’s zesty personality with a touch of wisdom which comes with age. While Bridget 2.0 has a successful career in television and has met her ‘ideal weight’, she is still the same old Brig – fighting off the affections of two completely opposite yet gorgeous men.

Colin Firth returns as Mark Darcy, Bridget’s life-long love. The chemistry between Firth and Zellweger still ignites the screen and although their relationship has never been stable long-term, you can’t help but root for them.

If audiences are still unsure about Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey replacing Hugh Grant’s charming but sleazy Daniel Cleaver, rest assure, Dempsey is well suited. Dempsey’s Jack is a true contender for Bridget’s heart and has perfect egotistic, alpha-male banter with Darcy.

But it’s Emma Thompson who plays Bridget’s obstetrician who steals the show. Her unapologetically sarcastic lines induce the most laughs. Her character should seriously get its own spin-off film, she’s that funny.

If you’re looking for the perfect girl’s night out or a genuinely good rom-com, Bridget Jones’s Baby is the go-to movie. Bridget Jones’s Baby is not an unnecessary reboot; it is a fantastic chapter in Bridget Jones’s life-long diary.

By Hayley Anderson


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