Petals, Pollen & Public Scraps

After writing my last piece on the controversial issue of fur in fashion, I decided to do some research into methods of ethical production and manufacturing within the fashion world, and how designers were implementing and changing concepts of fashion production in the twenty-first century.

New York-based designer Cara Piazza is what I found.

Photo: Calyx

Piazza, the brains and beauty behind ‘Calyx’, an ethically sourced and environmentally friendly clothing label, is revolutionising the fashion world for the better.

Calyx is unique in a number of ways: it uses natural dyes and “locally grown colour” in the form of petals, plant matter and other botanicals, minerals, safe metals and, most intriguingly, food wastes.

Yes, you read correctly, Piazza uses food waste to create natural patterns and colours to print on each garment. No two pieces are the same and the use of alchemical dye treatment sessions ensures they are clean and skin-friendly.

It’s absolutely brilliant in designer quality; all with the added bonus of knowing each piece was created in a manner that is both ethical and committed to reducing some of the fashion industries biggest downfalls.

Piazza is working towards an industry and universal understanding of sustainable fashion – reducing the amount of cheap fabrics and dyes that enter the environment each day and discontinuing the support of sweatshop labour – posing the question: what more can we do?

Photos: Calyx

By Alanah Frost

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