Adventures of an Introvert: Swan Hill Province

My search for silence and serenity takes me 339 kilometres away from the heart of Melbourne. Swan Hill is situated along the border of New South Wales and Melbourne, on the stretch of the Murray River which is Australia’s longest river. The river spans across three states; Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia. It takes approximately four hours of travel time on the train from Southern Cross station, and regular one way tickets cost about $40. It features landscapes and sceneries which remain unspoiled by urban infrastructure and commercialized tourist destinations.

There’s nothing better than spending some time away from the city and seeing Australia from a different light. I’ve seen Australia with a necktie, scrambling to find its Myki card while running late and trying to catch the 7am train to work. But now I see it holding a cup of coffee with some toast while watching strangers fishing on the river banks.

During this one week break I was fortunate to visit several attractions in Swan Hill such as the riverside park. It’s the perfect destination for a picnic on a sunny day, where you can take great photos, go for a jog, take your pet for a walk, feed the ducks, or take children on the playground. The Pioneer Settlement is a museum that features the lives of the early settlers in the region. The leisure centre is a sports complex which offers a variety of fitness programs as well as one on one training.

Here’s how I spent my week-long break:


That’s what I love about isolation – even ordinary things stand out


If only life came with train tracks that tell you where to go or when to stop


“Gem” – boat restaurant in Pioneer Settlement


Swan Hill leisure centre



By Haj Songcuya


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