Berlin Alternative Fashion Week: An Overview


They might be half way around the world, but Berlin’s Alternative Fashion Week has turned heads everywhere.

With psychedelic and futuristic designs, the alternative runways showcased a new era of fashion: alternative, out-there and non-restrictive.

International designers flocked from around the globe to make a name for themselves in the growing alternative fashion world, where colours collided and boundaries are pushed.

Nixi Killick, an independent Melbourne based designer, was among those who took to the stage. Killick has been storming her way to the top since graduating from fashion at RMIT, creating a ‘Colourtribe’ or followers.

The creative soul has an artistic background that gives her designs an extra edge. Featuring bright colours and techno prints, Killick’s designs embrace a realm of creativity for the modern free spirit.

Killick’s Berlin appearance was no exception, focusing on neutral base tones with flashes of intense colour and digital prints.

Other standout designers included Croatian-based Nika Cuic, whose monochrome garments emphasised chic individuality through experimenting with textures and shapes. Malaysian label Pearly Wong showcased a line of unisex, monochrome clothing, with structured lines and cuts.

And Danish label Denim Project brought back the past with a line of funky denim, stripes and colourful jumpers.

Berlin Fashion Week proved, once again, to be a platform for the inner daydreamer to relish and expression to blossom. Its situation in one of the world’s most creative cities has cemented Berlin’s place in the fashion world – both unique and exciting.

14463228_10209245301561885_8526827555517852562_n14519851_10209245307362030_1930503400134228160_n*SOURCE: Michael Wittig, Berlin 2016 <

By Alanah Frost

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