The Team

Meet the Editors


Adriana is an editor of the First Year @ La Trobe blog. She is a third year Bachelor of Strategic Communication Student and hopes to pursue a career in Public Relations after graduating at the end of the year. She is coffee lover, a massive bookworm and a hard core Harry Potter fanatic.


Jack is another editor of the First Year @ La Trobe blog. He is in the third and final year of his Bachelor of Media and Communication degree, and majors in Public Relations. Like Adriana, he hopes to pursue a career in this field. He is a food lover, his only form of exercise is walking to the fridge, and he believes that hummus makes everything better.

 Meet the Bloggers


Alanah is a first year Media & Communications student, majoring in journalism. She enjoys writing and living fashion, photography and exploring new things. She hopes to graduate and travel, documenting the world through words and to one day be immersed in Paris’ fashion culture.


Aydin Payne is an aspiring Sports Journalist. He is currently studying a bachelor degree in Media and Communication at Latrobe. Aydin loves sports, mainly AFL and cricket. He is a country kid from down near Warrnambool along the Great Ocean Road. His role on this blog is too keep you all up to date on the world of Footy at Latrobe University. Aydin is very excited for the year ahead and hopes you all enjoy the First Year @ La Trobe blog and what it has to offer.


Brianne’s blog is The Faces Of La Trobe, which delves into the untold stories of teachers and students of La Trobe University. She is studying Media Communications majoring in Public Relations for the next three years. She enjoys writing novels, reading novels, watching YouTube bloggers (such as Clothesencounters, Casey Neistat and Sharmander), playing basketball and she aspires to travel to Japan in the near future.


Haj is a first year international student from the Philippines taking up Media & Communications (Majoring in Journalism). He aspires to be a journalist for lifestyle and culture, or a writer for space and science agencies. He’s currently married to writing and poetry, but every now and then he has an affair with music, chess, boxing, and oatmeal cookies.


Hayley Anderson is a first year student at La Trobe studying Bachelor of Media and Communication, majoring in Journalism. Hayley wishes to pursue a career in the media after finishing her course. She is a music and film enthusiast, a book lover and an avid Doctor Who and Harry Potter fan.


James is a first year student studying a Bachelor of Media and Communications, majoring in public relations. He loves any form of a good story, whether that be a book, a game, a movie, anything. He also plays cricket, spending most of his summer in the heat as a wicket keeper. He hopes to one day be able to support himself as an author.


Meg is a first year of Bachelor of Media and Communication student majoring in Journalism. Aside from writing she enjoys binge-watching shows on Netflix, reading anything involving fantasy or conspiracy theories and hopes to one day be as awesome as Agent Dana Scully.


Oscar is enrolled in the first year of a Media and Communication degree with a major in Public relations. He undergoing this degree to have a career in some form of communication; speech-writing and crisis communication currently sitting at the top of that list. Fortunately his degree, is almost entirely comprised of his interests. Perhaps unfortunately for the rest of his life, the next three years will be spent perpetually staving off academic tunnel vision. His currently not sure if writing for the first year blog will help or hinder the cause. Through this blog, these questions will be unravelled.


Rhiannon is a first year student at Latrobe in Bendigo, studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Professional Writing. After completing her course, Rhiannon hopes to write for various publications in the music industry around the world.


Scarlett is one of the writers for the First Year @ La Trobe blog. She is in her first year of study with La Trobe, doing a Bachelor of Media & Communications majoring in Media Studies. Scarlett is a globetrotter, a red drinker and a rap lover who hopes to find a career in production.


Tennyson is a first year student at La Trobe, studying a Bachelor of Media and Communications, majoring in Sports Journalism. On the completion of the course, Tennyson hopes to pursue a career in TV as a presenter. He is an avid sports lover, particularly a fan of AFL and cricket. Along with sport, Tennyson spends a lot of his time listening to music. His favourite artists include Flume, Kendrick Lamar and Tame Impala among many others in a spread of contrasting genres. Tennyson looks forward to writing for the blog this year.


Tyler is an aspiring journalist and motivational speaker. He has a deep love of sharing stories and experiences, and finds writing and video-making the best mediums to do so. He also loves coffee (often more than life itself), music and baseball.



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