Get ready for Semester Two!

Hey everyone,

I hope all you had a wonderful break and are feeling relaxed and pumped for the next semester. For those who follow this awesome blog regularly, you may remember stumbling across one of my earliest posts, where I interviewed three lovely ladies about starting University. Well, I was able to catch up with two of the lovely ladies once again to sit down and have a chat about their first semester experiences, and how they are feeling going into semester two!


How do you feel going into your second semester compared to when you started back in March?

I personally feel a lot better about going into my second semester, because in semester one I was struggling with the workload that I was given, and in semester two, I decided to cut down my classes, so I would have longer to study in each of them.

What ideas about uni life did you have when you first started and have they changed?

I thought that the change from high school to university would be hard and stressful, and that was true for me, but I was able to find things to de-stress, like reading and listening to music.

You mentioned the first time we spoke about being unsure of how you’d fit into the university lifestyle. How do you feel about that now?

It isn’t a worry anymore, because when you join your classes, you start to interact with people and it is very easy to make friends, since you are all going through the same thing.

If you could go back to March, what advice would you give yourself?

I would have told myself to withdraw from one of my classes, because then I may have had a chance to do better in class, which would have then allowed me to do better on my exams.

A lot of new students worry about the stresses of balancing study, work and “me-time”, with your experiences so far, what is your best advice to those worrying about this?

I would tell all the people worrying about this, is to just always allow for some “me-time”, because if I didn’t have the time to just relax, I would have been so sick of studying, which would have lead to me procrastinating.

Taking a few minutes to listen to some music, or even reading a book, allowed me to have a break, which made me more productive.

You initially said that the idea of travelling every single day for uni was a little bit daunting. After doing it for a whole semester, have your feelings changed?

Once you get used to the idea of travelling every day, it really becomes no big deal. Since I travelled on the train, I could just relax and read a book and listen to some music, and it made the time fly.

What are three things you’re excited for this semester?

I am excited to start my new subjects and to have more time on each of the classes, so I can get a better score than last semester.

I am also excited to see if I improve in my classes, since I dropped a few classes, which will help me determine if I will continue next year.

Lucky last: now that you’ve had some experience as a university student, give one line of advice for new students and explain La Trobe Bendigo in three words!

If you are struggling with the work load, I definitely recommend talking to the career councillor ladies!

In three words, I would say that La Trobe is a “very amazing experience”.


How do you feel going into your second semester compared to when you started back in March?

I feel as if I am more prepared and know a lot more about how uni works which is very reassuring.

What ideas about uni life did you have when you first started and have they changed?

When I first started uni, I expected that there would be a lot of work involved and that it would be much different to high school, and it certainly was.

If you could go back to March, what advice would you give yourself?

I would tell myself to not stress out over the little things and make sure I balance uni, work and social/ free time more effectively so I don’t get stressed.

You initially said that the idea of travelling every single day for uni was a little bit daunting. After doing it for a whole semester, have your feelings changed?

Some days when you have had a big day of classes it’s nice to have the trip home as a break but at the same time you just want to get straight home and relax.


So there you go guys, these girls are loving their time at La Trobe Bendigo, as am I. I couldn’t think of anything better to be doing with my life! If you are considering life after high school and you aren’t sure if University is right for you, comment below and I will do my best to help you guys with your decisions!

For those of you already living the uni life, I hope this semester is a great one.


Looking for a way to de-stress this Uni break?

Fellow bloggers,
Holidays are almost upon us, and that means a time for some much needed R&R. After all the stress of exams, getting assignments in and lacking some serious sleep, we all need to treat ourselves to a little bit of fun and R&R these holidays.

I have combined a great list of ways to de-stress from home or your room on res! All of these are super easy and cost free!

  • Read a book. For all those book lovers out there, there is no better feeling then sitting down a reading a book you ACTUALLY want to read. Take some time out from those strenuous text books and treat yourself to a good old novel.
  • Have some quiet time to yourself. After running around like busy bees for 4 months, its time to treat yourself to a little ‘me’ time. Nothing helps a person de-stress more than being alone in a quiet area doing whatever it is you want.
  • Treat yourself. After all that hard work you put in to your assignments, you deserve to spend a little bit extra on yourself. There is no better motivation to continue doing well than splurging on yourself as a reward. Also, shopping has been proven to help de-stress! It’s a win-win really.
  • Hang out with old friends. For those who live on Res, the holidays are a great time to head back home and catch up with everyone. Hanging with old friends is a great way to de-stress whilst catching up on all the lastest news.

Whilst some of this may not apply to you – as you may be doing one of La Trobe’s many winter courses – I hope you all have a great break. I’m sure you all need it and deserve it. Congratulations on making it through your first semester First Years, and may you continue to succeed!

Bianca !!

Websites You Need To Know When You’re At University

As University students, there is never a time that we don’t want some form of help or guidance, but we can’t always get face-to-face time with someone. That’s why I have looked around and found my top 4 websites that every University student needs to have saved in their favourites.

  • 1- This one probably comes as no surprise to you. However, many students don’t utilize this website to their full potential. EVERYTHING you need to know how studying at La Trobe is on this website. From correct referencing guides, to important dates and social events, this website literally has it all. If you are not familiar with this site, go check it out now
  • 2- This website can also become a virtual lifesaver. This is a social media website, which allows students and teachers to communicate. You can create study groups, join pages to do with your subjects and also join other groups and meet other students based on your interests. It’s a perfect way to meet people from other universities who are studying the same courses as you, and you can post anything you want, whether it be asking for help, giving information to other students or random pictures you thought were funny. I use this site and I definitely recommend it.
  • 3- This next one is definitely a good one to have saved in your favourites tab. A lot of us are familiar with Online Shopping, and this website allows us to organize our textbooks from the comfort of our own lounge rooms. Not only does it have every single textbook we could ever need available at the click of a button, it also has a gifts tab that have some great items to help take away the stress of University.
  • 4- I chose to include this website because all of us, no matter what we are studying to be, will need to create some sort of assessment that requires photos. This website is full of photos that we are allowed to use. This means that their owners have given us the rights to use them, which makes the entire referencing process oh so much easier.

So there we go, my top 4 websites that I think every university students should have saved in their favourites.

Stay Cool,

A Glimpse of Bendigo La Trobe

So, now that I have had a few weeks to experience the Bendigo Campus I thought it would be a great time to highlight some of my favourite features. Whilst I’m utterly in love with the entire campus, many aspects stand out to me.

The Student Union:
As you can see in the picture, the student union is a great place to socialize, to reduce some stress and to really feel the atmosphere of Uni life. I love hanging out here because you see some many different people and it makes you feel like you’re a part of something bigger, rather than just sticking with your small group of classmates/ friends.


The Library:
This library is huge! It is beautifully set out to allow people to study in various ways, either independently and quietly or in small groups. It also has so many resources you could spend hours in there without even realizing it. Along with all these great things, there is also a small outdoor area as well! How cool is that?11015780_884897388235487_1147791083_n

The Stairs:
Now, I am yet to become best friends with the many stairs that are all through the Bendigo campus, but I put them on the list because it’s very different for me. But I also like that the stairs allow me to get up and move around between classes, which keeps me feeling energized and gets my blood pumping ready for my 1 o’clock lecture!


The Gardens:
Not only do these gardens look amazing, it’s so refreshing to break up the brick work with beautiful greenery. And they are so peaceful to sit amongst.


Now, the Bendigo La Trobe Campus has so much more to offer than the things I mentioned, so if you’re contemplating Bendigo La Trobe I highly suggest you get down here and have a look around. As I have only just started, I have only seen the surface of what is offered here at Bendigo, and I can’t wait to discover more great things!
Peace Out,
Bianca 😀



Hello there fellow bloggers!

My name is Bianca Anderson and I am delighted to join the team here at First Year Blog. I am starting my first year here at Bendigo La Trobe doing my Bachelor of Education.
During O-Week, I asked some fellow first years how they found their experiences. Lucy Gemmill and Emma McGregor share their stories below.

Lucy Gemmill:

What course are you studying and why did you choose it?
I am studying a Bachelor of Business (Accounting), and I chose to do it because in the future I want to work in finance or as an accountant.

How did you feel on your first day of O-Week?
I was quite nervous, just because I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone says that university is a lot different to high school and I didn’t know what they really meant.

Did the fact that Bendigo La Trobe is a regional campus help you decide that it was the campus for you? If so why?
Yes, mainly because it would allow me to still live at home, and travel to school everyday. I am a small-town country girl and the Bendigo campus allowed me to stay in the lifestyle I like, whilst also giving me a taste of the city.

What is your favourite thing about the Bendigo Campus?
I really love that I has a really huge library and that there are different areas depending on how you want to work – quiet areas for quiet study and areas specifically for group work.

How do you deal with stress?
During year 12, I had a really hard time dealing with stress, but I have learned that if I am really stressed out, I need to back away from what I am doing and read a book or listen to some music.

Do you have any advice for students looking to start at Bendigo Latrobe?
Definitely come to campus tours and the Experience La Trobe day, so that you get to have a look around the university before you come to study.

Emma McGregor:

What course are you studying and why?
I’m studying a Bachelor of Education (P-12), and I chose this course because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and because becoming a teacher will enable me to help shape the future generations into a better society.

What do you think of the Bendigo campus?
I really love this campus! The campus has the right amount of city life and country life mixed together. Also, the general inclusive quality of the students and staff make it feel like home.

Is there anything you are nervous about going into your first year of University life?
The most nerve wracking thing about starting my first year was moving out of home and being away from my family for the first time.

What is your favourite thing about the Bendigo Campus?
My favourite thing about the campus is how everyone is always making sure that everyone is getting involved and having a good time, especially during O-Week.

Any advice for students looking to start at Bendigo La Trobe next year?
Just make sure, especially over O-Week, that you join in and make the most of it.

So much like the lovely girls above, I had a blast at O-Week. I will admit, it was daunting walking around trying not to get lost, and the stairs killed me at first; but I am so excited now that I can’t wait to start studying!
Stay Cool =D

Welcome to La Trobe!

La Trobe Agora

La Trobe Bundoora – Agora. Photo credit: Olivia Larobina

Congratulations on becoming a student at one of La Trobe’s beautiful campuses! Whether you’re straight out of high school, returning to studies later in life, or just making a change, we hope you love La Trobe as much as we do.

Our aim is to develop the blog into one hat all La Trobe students, -past, future and present- with experiences and stories can relate to. We hope everyone enjoys reading our First Year Blog, and look forward to some of you potentially joining as bloggers for 2015.

There will be some changes to the blog this year, namely in the style of content. We want to allow bloggers to have much more creative freedom, giving them the power to write about topics that they are interested in. We want to shift the blog’s focus from being purely about advice and uni updates, to including personal anecdotes about positive experiences at La Trobe.

Share what you love!

Whether you’re interested in sports or fashion, entertainment or social justice, events or interviews, we want you to blog about it’s a part of your first year experience.

So if you study at Bendigo look out for Tom, and if you study at Bundoora look out for Olivia. We’ll be around recruiting new bloggers to join us this year.

We’ll keep you updated once recruitment officially begins. For now, enjoy O-Week 🙂

Our Blog – what we’re all about

The first year at La Trobe University – any university, for that matter – can be a daunting time. Students, whether they be young or old, can be apprehensive about the shift to uni, maybe moving away from home or taking that next big step in your career. And then there’s the campus – a vast, open area with so many lecture rooms you wonder whether the university even utilises them. And that’s before you consider the workload of your classes. Or your rent. Or if you can make the bus which leaves five minutes after your lecture finishes.

Of course, many of these fears that “first years” hold are unfounded. Once at university, you’ll find that the seemingly enormous ground is a warm, welcoming environment. All the facilities you need are on-campus or nearby; there are so many recreational activities to take part in; and there is a strong support network to assist you if you are struggling. You could make lifelong friends with your classmates, or you could love studying so much that you spend the rest of your life at university – we call these people “lecturers”.

Even so, not everybody is keen on life in the Big Smoke, which is why La Trobe also has campuses in regional Victoria. The courses on offer often mirror those found at La Trobe’s Melbourne campuses, only they are taught in towns such as Bendigo, Mildura, Shepparton and Wodonga. Some students will spend a year or two at a regional campus before moving onto Bundoora, while some students from Melbourne move into regional Victoria to escape their city lifestyles. And yes, they all offer the same welcoming atmosphere found in Melbourne.

What our First Year Blog aims to do is provide a snapshot of the many ways to be a La Trobe student – no matter your age, background, course or campus. We’ll show you the many opportunities of life and study in Melbourne and the subdued, but no less enjoyable, lifestyle of the country.

Our first-year bloggers have the opportunity to further enhance their writing talents, whilst also sharing their experiences with you and helping you make the most of your first year. We’ll keep you posted about the development of our star team!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!