LTU Focus on Swimming

Swimming at LTU

LTU Focus on Sports

Our LTU Focus this week is on John, a 19 year old swimmer for the La Trobe team. John balances his swimming with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Podiatric Practice. Now that the Australian Uni Games are over, it’s great to hear about John’s experience participating in various games throughout his degree so far!

John at one of the previous Uni Games

When did you first start swimming/competitively swimming?

I started learning-to-swim when I was 8 years old. Started swimming competitively at the age of 10.

Why did you decide to join the La Trobe team?
I decided to join the La Trobe swim team because I believed that it was a great opportunity for me to get more involved in the community and meet new people. Additionally, I was very keen on representing La Trobe at the university games.

What was your favourite part about the Australian Uni Games?

The most exciting part about the university games is being able to represent the university and race against swimmers from all other universities across Australia. I [love] the experience of travelling together as a team and the social events in the program.

What is the best part about swimming with La Trobe?
From my own experience thus far, the best part about the swimming club is that it models a healthy safe environment, which caters for all swimming level abilities (i.e. beginner > competitive athlete)

What would you say to other first year students who are thinking of joining a sports team at La Trobe?

I would definitely urge other first year students to join up to any sports team at La Trobe. It’s not only a great opportunity to stay fit and healthy, but more importantly there is the potential to build more social connections and possibly develop life-long friendships.

LTU Focus on Touch Footy

LTU Focus on Sports

This week we spoke to Bronte, a 20 year old animal and veterinary bioscience student. Bronte plays on the touch footy team at La Trobe, as well as the mixed basketball social league on Monday nights.

Touch Footy at LTU

When did you first start playing touch football?

I started this year after they were looking for people to play in their Southern University game haha.

Why did you decide to join the La Trobe team?

My friends had informed me that S.U.G’s (Southern Uni Games) was a really great experience. So I looked for a sport that needed people.
I also did it to make more friends because I kinda really knew no one at la tribe.

What are you most looking forward to about the Australian Uni Games?

The social experience and the people that I went with made it a really great experience. I actually really enjoy the sport touch too which I never expected myself to play.
I’m actually really looking forward to playing a bit more seriously. And I feel like I am getting more experience in a different sport.

What is the best part about playing touch football with La Trobe?

Making friends and having a fun time playing and socialising!

What would you say to other first year students who are thinking of joining a sports team at La Trobe?

Just do it! ✔️
Joining a team got me a whole group of friends and keeps me involved in the uni. Joining a sports team was probably the best decision I made all year!

LTU Focus on Tenpin Bowling

Bowling at LTU

LTU Focus on Sports

For this week’s Focus on Sport at LTU post, we’ve spoken to Nathan, an 18 year old Bachelor of Business student who plays on the Tenpin Bowling team for La Trobe.

Nathan with his Tenpin Bowling teammates at the Southern Uni Games

Nathan with his Tenpin Bowling teammates at the Southern Uni Games


When did you first start to play tenpin bowling? 

Can’t remember when I first started bowling but it would have been for a 5th birthday party or something like that, it’s always been something that I’ve enjoyed doing but rarely would go out and actually do. The first time I’d bowled without the help of the bumpers was about 4 weeks out from SUG’s and I’ve only bowled 1 gutter ball since.

Why did you decide to join the La Trobe team?

I had heard so many good things about Uni Games from friends and people that I work with that I decided that I just had to go regardless of what sport I actually played during the games, I just wanted to be a part of it all and when the opportunity to do ten pin bowling came up it was just too good to ignore.

What are you most looking forward to about the Australian Uni Games/what was your favourite part of the Southern Uni Games? (Feel free to answer both or just one) 

Really looking forward to getting away from the cold Melbourne weather for a week more than anything but to also see catch up with all the bowlers from the other uni’s from SUG’s again will be great, been able to get away from uni and work for a week is good way to chill out and have fun before exams get underway as well.

Can’t pick one specific moment as my favourite part of SUG’s, the whole experience was incredible and like nothing else I’d done before, would highly recommend going to uni games to anyone!

What is the best part about bowling with La Trobe?

The friends we made amongst our own bowling team but also with the bowling teams, everyone got along really well and made the whole week so much fun! One of the best things about bowling was whilst the other sports were outside in the rain and mud we were inside the warm bowling alley with tunes going the whole day, it was such a relax vibe and there’s no better feeling that getting a strike or watching a teammate bowl a gutter ball.

What would you say to other first year students who are thinking of joining a sports team at La Trobe? (You can make this specific about your sport)

You’ll regret it if you don’t do it! It’s by far been one of the best experiences of my life and it has helped me make so many new friends not only at La Trobe but at the other uni’s as well.

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LTU Focus on Golf

Golf at LTU

LTU Focus on Sports

Hi all, and welcome to the very first LTU Focus on Sports post!

Every Wednesday, a different La Trobe Uni sports team will be focused on as we lead into the Australian University Games. By the time the Games roll around, you’ll already be familiar with some of the people who are representing La Trobe!

We’ll be continuing these posts after the Australian Uni Games to hopefully encourage more La Trobe students to get involved and join Team LTU!

This week we’re beginning with Golf! We’ve interviewed 20 year old Bachelor of Business student Blair, who’s playing for the La Trobe Golf team while completing his studies in Sports Development and Management.

Blair - Golf 2

Blair at the 2015 Southern Uni Games

When did you first start playing golf?

I probably first started playing golf when I was 8 – 9. I was introduced to it through my dad who played a fair bit. I stopped playing for a few years during High School when junior golf and footy clashed and I made the choice to play footy with my mates. When I finished Year 12 and had plenty of spare time on our hands, my mates and I started playing again and really got into it.

Why did you decide to join the La Trobe team?

I decided to join the La Trobe Golf team as I saw it as a great opportunity to meet new people, play new and different courses and have a great time. I’d heard from friends and classmates about what a great time Uni Games is, so I thought I’d see for myself.

What was your favourite part of the Southern Uni Games and what are you most looking forward to about the Australian Uni Games?

Probably for both, it would be meeting new people and playing new golf courses. Oh and of course, the destination [of the Australian Uni Games], can’t wait for Gold Coast.

What is the best part about playing golf with La Trobe?

It’s probably a great part of playing golf in general but, due to handicapping, you don’t have to be an amazing golfer to compete with the good golfers. And of course, you get to wear the team colours and represent the best university in the country!

What would you say to other first year students who are thinking of joining a sports team at La Trobe? 

Just do it! Seriously, don’t be daunted by the fact you’re only a first year, everyone involved in sport at La Trobe are great people and will take you in as one of them straight away.

Welcome Latrobians !

A warm welcome back to those students who are entering their second semester, and a big welcome to new La Trobe students!

If you’ve just joined us and you’re not sure how things work, don’t freak out! Settling into uni life is easy, there are loads of handy resources and information on the New Students section of the La Trobe site, so make sure you check it out!


Here’s a quick breakdown of a few essential tips which you’ll need to know to survive second semester:

  • If you’re new to uni it’s a good idea to get Ready4Uni at La Trobe’s online orientation. It basically helps you make that transition from ordinary boring life to exciting uni life!
  • It’s no secret that life as a student isn’t easy. It involves managing your time, generally living on a budget and making new friends (if you don’t want to be a loner, which, let’s be honest that’s pretty much everybody). Check out how to be not only an exemplary student but also maintain a decent social life at our Life as a student page.
  • Some top tips from experienced students – Don’t be afraid to ask for help, get involved with student clubs (after all isn’t that what uni’s all about?!), go to classes and manage your workload. Get inspired by reading more smart and practical tips from La Trobe’s experienced students here.  We promise you’ll be thanking us later.
  • Finally, the new student checklist is a must for confused or curious students, check it out and get excited!

We hope you have an enjoyable second semester and we look forward to hearing what you get up to! Feel free to share your La Trobe first year experiences with us by emailing

Have a happy and safe second semester (:

Career planning & the upcoming Easter break

Developing your skills and thinking about what you’re going to do after you finish university is a great idea, not only because learning new skills is fantastic but because it looks great on your resume too.

Visit our Career Development Centre at the Bundoora or Bendigo campus or search online  or go to the opportunities webpage to find out more information about booking appointments to the career expo’s, workshops, and how to improve your resume and even find a part-time job.

Remember uni is not just about attending class and studying, it’s also about taking advantage of the exciting opportunities you can get involved in such as programs, activities, clubs or volunteering in your local community. Volunteering not only benefits society but it’s also really fun, you can meet loads of new people and it can also go towards your academic transcript and you might even be able to receive the La Trobe Award. For more information about how to get involved with these exciting opportunities visit

Make a tangible difference while studying, how exciting is that?
La Trobe University is offering a new second year elective called Service Learning in the Community (HUM2SLC) in Semester 2, 2014 at the Melbourne Campus. This subject helps you learn about Australia’s Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and will give you a hands-on experience with working on a project within a small team for a community organisation. Students from any faculty are welcome to enrol in the subject, however make sure you check with your faculty first. If learning about the development of NGOs in Australia, the challenges of NGOs in the 21st century and the politics of promoting social change in community organisations excites you, then this is the perfect subject for you. If that isn’t enough, you’ll also gain professional skills in project management, professional conduct and time management.

To find out more, go to Service Learning in the Community, Get involved, La Trobe University or contact the Subject Coordinator, Ruth Delagas, email, phone 03 9479 6531. Please note first year students should check with their faculty before applying for this subject.

If you are at the Melbourne campus get involved with these short innovative training workshops by registering online. These short workshops can help you gain extra skills and knowledge outside of your course, so don’t miss out! The workshops coming up include Group work fundamentals which is all about improving your teamwork skills in your future career and Group work pro involves learning key principles and tools that will enhance your group work, assist with group decision making and solving problems. For regional students who are interested in these workshops please express your interest now!

A friendly reminder that there are NO CLASSES NEXT WEEK! Enjoy the week off but remember uni is still open for business but NOT on Easter Good Friday (18/4), Monday (21/4), Tuesday (22/4) or ANZAC day (25/4) – so feel free to drop by for a coffee or study sesh in the Library.

From everyone at the FY blogger team we wish you all a very happy and safe Easter, hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of scrumptious chocolates!

O-Week has finally arrived!

If you haven’t already planned your next few days at O-Week, check out this short video that can help you decide what to get up to this week.

Orientation isn’t just about lectures and getting loads of information about your course, it’s also about having fun and making that smooth transition to uni life.

O-Week is your chance to make new friends, explore the campus and get involved in some great activities including scavenger hunts, zombie wars, and awesome events like the massive Oh! Fest Music Festival, unfortunately you will suffer from chronic FOMO if you skip this one, so make sure you make it!

The lineup for the festival includes Stonefield, The Smith Street Band, World’s End Press and 8 Bit Love, just to name a few. There will also be a bar inside the venue and a FREE BBQ! So head down to the Simpson Lawn from 5pm tonight, with your student and ID cards, as this is an 18+ event.

Lastly, make the most of your orientation by finding out what clubs and societies you can join, ask questions, explore the campus and if nothing else, enjoy the free food and weather.

To help you get around campus, it’s also a good idea to download the La Trobe university Orientation app for iOS and Android, although they’ll be plenty of people to ask for directions so don’t stress.

Don’t forget to share your orientation experience with us by uploading your photos/ videos to Twitter and Instagram and #latrobeuni.

Have a great first Orientation week guys!

Learning Your Way Around

Hi newbie friends!

Last week I gave you the run down on what you can expect out of O-Week and what things you should make the most of.  Now orientation is slowly coming upon us, first the international students this week followed by all students next week.  Right after that we launch straight into semester, so there’s no time like the present to start getting acquainted with our wonderful campuses. This particular blog is pretty specific to Melbourne Bundoora (because it’s HUGE!), but any of our regional readers can take a leaf and prepare themselves in similar ways. Continue reading

Textbooks! Subject Guides! Preparing for the Semester and your Classes

Well friends, there’s just a week to go before your first classes! Getting nervous? Excited? Worried? Looking forward to Orientation just so you can begin already?

If you haven’t already, scroll down to go over my Planning O Week and Learning Your Way Around recent blogs to make sure you’re absolutely ready to get everything you need out of Orientation. This week is for you. Not second or third years, but for you as the new students who need some extra guidance to help with your transition into this wondrous place called university. Hundreds of students are volunteering their time alongside staff to get you acquainted with all the things they love about La Trobe. So take the tour, attend all the information sessions, get your parking and myki concessions sorted, then kick back and relax over a sausage sizzle or a beer and aim to make a few friends among the fun. Among the social events happening in O-Week are:

Now aside from all that fun, you are probably starting to wonder about textbooks and when the study stuff will start to kick off. The good news is that if your enrolment is proceeding without hitches, then it should all be happening already, if not, very soon (this week in fact!). You want to look out for subject guides on the LMS, and spend a couple of hours this week or next planning out just what your semester will look like in terms of study load. Continue reading to get the low-down. Continue reading

Planning O-Week

Hi again friends!  Lovely to see more of you joining us every day!  Follow us to get reminders of when the blogs get published.

With second-round offers concluding enrolment this week, now is the ideal time to turn our thoughts to O-Week. Orientation is the traditional prelude to university, designed to give you an overview of the campus and the university, classes and life as a student – and that includes the social festivities too!

This week’s blog will cover the main things to do during La Trobe’s O-Week: meet new people, tour the campus, familiarise enough things to settle your anxieties, and get to know what services and facilities we have to offer – before you need them. Do try to attend all three days; not only is it fun and free, you can also learn a lot about being a university student, about life at LTU and what La Trobe expects from its students.  International students will benefit from additional orientation events next week, beginning the 18th, where they can enjoy activities and information tailored just for them.

Recall in my first blog, that not all universities do this… well – so get as much out of your O-Week as you can. Continue reading